We Build Walls to Protect Out Heart: Turn into Prison Walls of Isolation

Tripitaka Koreana stored at Haeinsa (해인사, Temp...

Tripitaka Koreana stored at Haeinsa (해인사, Temple of Reflection on a Smooth Sea) is one of the foremost Chogye Buddhist temples in South Korea. It is most notable for being the home of the Tripitaka Koreana, the whole of the Buddhist Scriptures carved onto 81,258 wooden printing blocks, which it has housed since 1398. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We build walls around our hearts… our protective walls become our own prison walls, "safety" at what cost? Self-imposed isolation. Fear-Based solutions are problems in the making. Emotional protection leads to emotional imprisonment . Heart Walls become Prison Walls. Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani

We build walls around our hearts and lock all our doors and wonder why nobody ever saves us.                              Protective walls become Prison Walls of Isolation.            Victim Mentality.

[•This Post is About the Image: We build walls around our hearts and lock all our doors and wonder why nobody ever saves us.  Protective Walls Become Prison Walls…Victim Mentality…Mind the Gap, and Transcend from the cyclical, mundane path or Reactive Mind (Samsara), to the “Transcendental Path,”  also called “The Spiral Path,” or “Path of Creative Mind” as well as “The Unconditioned” &  “Supra Mundane”  Post starts on next line…you’ll see where it ends___________ the line, the rest is Scripture/Asian Canon ref]

Truly so”..even more so; a truly common phenomenon… Wise observation, and Creatively expressed (Referring to the Text Image)

I am intimately familiar with this phenomenon; I have spent years, ‘not-living’, barely surviving, hobbled by self-imposed isolation, Mindlessness, stuck in, feeling sucked-in, this ‘Vicious Cycle’… Fear-based, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, My Perception = My “Reality”,  where Delusion Permeates All, Inability to differentiate Truth from False, Loss of Direction, No Orientation,  a different Mask for everything, My Protective Walls = Now  Prison Walls.

I find it strikingly similar to the paradoxical properties of an ‘Autoimmune Dis-ease‘ dis-functions: instead of protecting ‘Health’ from illness by ‘attacking’ invasive Pathogens, the Immune System produces Illness by ‘attacking’ itself/the host.

‘Auto-Cognitive Dis-ease:‘ instead of continually evolving greater/higher conscious-awareness, expanding wisdom, enhancing the experience of life, with ‘Ease’ of ‘Oneself‘…  Contrary to Auto-Cognitive Dis-Ease of Oneself, where one’s own Mind produces illness by ‘attacking’ itself… reducing conscious awareness, constraining one’s capacity for free-choice diminishing one’s experience of life, of self, and on-and-on, a truly vicious cyclical.

I know it may not be easy to change one’s momentum, yet it is a simple  process of change…Knock Down, or walk-through ‘the Wall’ (also simple, & gets easier with practice) & Empowering to Not be a ‘Victim‘ who believes I Need “Saving”… Framing Dependency upon Actions of Others, which only perpetuates the cycle.

Asking the right person for help: Is genuine intention, honest, proactive, “Beaten into a state of reason,” humbled, reduced ego identity directly proportional to reduction in fear… Now is the Perfect Moment, the Catalyzing action, we change ourselves, the moment we transforms from a ‘victim’ into one whom deliberately ‘opened the door’ to unlimited possibilities. This opportunity only & always exists Here & Now. This is the moment, the quantum leap, from the Cycle of Reactivity, to the Spiral of Creativity, The intersection of the Infinite & Eternal, spontaneously creative, The Power of Now.

(Creating the term ‘Auto-Cognitive Dis-Ease’ to describe a  universal phenomenon, & fit contextual style…or ‘neologoautogenesis’ a new word to describe creating new words. ) Spontaneous creativity, Imperturbable well-being, free-flowing-focus, growing, neuroplasticity, ‘walking through walls’ and a fun, playful sense-of-humor are symptoms of ‘AnAuto-Mental Liberation:’ natural co-production, omni-expansive, holistic-being enhancement that is an inseparable aspect of the Spiral Path & Creative Mind.) (With the addition of the prefix “An-” subtracts the ”Self,”or shifts to “No-Self”, “adds” “Liberation”… Emptiness, at this point the whole analogy dissolves. No words are effective, or more accurately, all words are equally ineffective. Applying that as “understood”, Śūnyatā & Anātman aka Anātta are ‘relatively more useful,‘ yet, any further elaboration is moot, at best.)

(Random observation: I get considerably more usefulness from “dead languages” than spanish. Me gusta español, pero  I  use Pali, Sanskrit daily, & Latin (& Greek) for ‘Science’ (& for fun creating  words.)

*This Post is a lesson in Buddhism, without Buddhism. Meaning, it isn’t explicitly framed in traditional Buddhist Terminology (except for the references at the end) but the Buddha-Dharma is implicit, as is the •Abhidhamma, or Abhidharma, traditional Buddhist Psychology

________________________________________________________________________________________End_Of_Post_________ [EXTRA BUDDHIST, ASIAN CANONICAL REFERENTIAL INFO is just me on a tangent]_________________________

The Abhidhamma is one of Pitikas, (three Pitika comprise the Tipitaka, or The Pali Canon, the oldest Buddhist Scripture, from India, There is also a Chinese Buddhist Canon, Contains the Chinese Tipitaka as wells the Sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, as well as the Tantras of Vajrayana School of Buddhism, aka as Tibetan, and Esoteric Buddhism, and Tantric Buddhism.

Chinese Buddhist Canons (There are several version, varying from various Chinese Dynasties,  also called; “The Great Treasury of Sutras” differs by not containing the Udāna Pitika, but unlike the Pali, or Indian Buddhist Canon, The Chinese contains the Āgama Pitika, and instead of being etched in Banana Leafs, and sewn together (sewing together the banana leafs is where the term “Suttas” and “Sutras” comes from, the same root word as “Sutures” (as in surgical sewing) (The Tantras are the name for Vajrayana Buddhist Scriptures, which name is also derived from the construction process.)

Pali Canon, or Tipitikas, Three Baskets contain the Vinaya Pitika (The list of over 220 Moral, Ethical Precepts of theHistorical Early Sangha, the disciples of Gautama Buddha, aka Shakyamuni Buddha, the Historical Buddha. The same Vinaya Pitika Precepts are currently, and have been, maintained by the Theravada Buddhist Monastic Order of Bhikkhus (Monks) and Bhikkhunis (Nuns). The other two baskets, (Pitikas) are the  Utterances of the Buddha or the Udāna Pitika, (such as the Dhammapada) and the Abhidhamma (Commonly referred to as the Sutta collection of Buddhist Psychology)

A True Testimonial to the Mindfulness and Samādhi Absorption ofBuddhist meditation is evident in the  Tripiṭaka Koreana or Palman Daejanggyeong was carved into  blocks of wood between 1236 and 1251, during Korea’s Goryeo Dynasty, onto 81,340 wooden printing blocks with no known errors in the 52,382,960 characters. It is stored at the Haeinsa temple, South Korea.

The  Taishō Buddhist Canon,  is the Japanese Buddhist doctrinal collection in Tokyo, Japan.. Also there is a Vietnamese, Buddhist Canon as well, all together the re are Many version (One from each country listed, except China which has several, varying from Dynasties) of the Buddhist Canonical Texts throughout Southeast, East Asia & Asia Pacific

One thought on “We Build Walls to Protect Out Heart: Turn into Prison Walls of Isolation

  1. Thank you for kind regards.🙏💚🌼🔆🌍🙏
    I am always happy to be of assistance…if you would like to talk, chat, Skype, etc. I work with people all over the world…with many modes, methods, approaches….not many–just one that is purely intuitive (not the typical sense of an intuitive hunch…more like a form of ESP, or so I’m told) and has a synergistic effect.
    Transcendental Wisdom and directly liked with the Unconditioned, much Dharma cosmology, psychology, but not mundane psychology, and nothing based on anything but Direct Experiential Knowing…the Prajñā Wisdom that arises with No-Self, Emptiness, Seeing the Causes and Conditions that brought about current situation.
    Studied Buddhism, all officially, qualified Minister…but that has nothing to do with Perfect/Right-Vision/Understanding. It’s an Awakening to Absolute, Emptiness, Pratītyasamutpāda< Direct Knowing causality.
    Samādhi, absorption, radiant, clear mind.

    Integration, Assimilation, Whole, Holistic, More, Full, Amphibious…
    Living in Both Worlds…integrating and assimilating conditioned and Unconditioned.

    TRUE Psychoanalysis, real psychoanalysis, not psychotherapy, not even close.
    After Awakening, still keenly aware of karmic momentum, samskharas, conditioning, utilized psychoanalysis with INSIGHT…and I've been sober for many years, certainly the steps are ingrained in way of relating.

    So, I work with a few genuinely motivated individuals, from India (mostly), a couple in Sri Lanka, couple in Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Several around Detroit, California, 2 in Seattle, Toronto, a couple in the UK, 1 Aussie, 1 New Zealand, etc.

    If you ever are curious about something general or very specific, feel free email me. I don't blog much…I am writing a book–all my writing goes into this book.

    Thanks for stoping by. 🙏💚🌞 May you know freedom, and the causes of freedom! ♻🌎🌀🌊❀

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