Aikido, The Samurai Spirit:

Aikido, The Samurai Spirit. What happens when Buddhism Mixes with Violence? Non-Violent, Violence.
Video is In English, with subtitles en Español, in Spanish. I have only dabbled in Aikido, but have several friends that have been practicing for many years.
The Japanese Martial Art of Aikido is the quintessential Martial Art form of Buddhism. By keeping the Buddhist Principles of non-Violence and the wish to cause no harm, not even to those that would seek harm to the Buddhist Practitioner. It is a method of Martial Art and Self-Defense that not only seeks not to attack others, but to prevent one’s Attacker from being i injured whilst one Defends oneself. For example, when one attacks, the Aikido Practitioner may use the Attacker’s Strength and Energy to propel him/her though the air, but to protect the Attacker’s safety upon landing. It uses the Attacker’s Own Force to defend oneself, and uses ethos of Pressure points and Joint Locks to “encourage” an Attacker to flee, or “Tap-Out” and abandon, and/or cease any Offensive Acts or Attacks against the Aikido Practitioner.