Hurricane Sandy “Floods” Social Media Sites with Fake Images, Delusions and a Sense of Egoic Superiority: The “Photoshop Epidemic” on Social Medias, and the underlying Causes.


One of the attributes of Social Media, and Social Media Marketing is the potential of Twitter Tweets, or Facebook Postings being “shared, “ and thus to spread and grow at virtually exponential rates.

This fallacious and often malicious use of “fake photos” (digitally altered using editing software such as PHOTOSHOP, as well as fictitious captions) is nothing new, but this time it lead to widespread panic, purportedly is a New Jersey neighborhood that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, isn’t anything new, What started at U.S. Post Office ‘Chain Letters” which hit a whole new market with the advent and proliferation of Electronic Mail, which became notorious for such kinds of “chain emails,” such as the one about how “Mister Rogers” was a former “U.S. Navy Seals Sniper,” with X amount of “Confirmed Kills”, and noted that he only wore long-sleeved shirts to cover up his tattoos, was spread as “factual-fiction” for many years,  and still continues to this day.

This phenomenon has reached epic proportions with the advent of new, digital Social Medias, and Social Media Marketing, with Facebook being the largest Social Medium, particularly with photographs and other images. With the simple click of a mouse; one user can share with all of his or her “Friends” or “Fans”, whom in turn can repeat and relay the bogus intelligence, altered images, or simple real images with fictitious captions, allowing for the potential of nearly exponential grown.

I recently wrote about this same concept being used to spread Fake Buddha Quotes, (on my/this same Blog, on 31 October 2012) which is a matter I am personally affected by, as I use these Social Media platforms to try and share the actual Dharma, Teachings of the Buddha, or the Path from Suffering to Self-Liberation. This a passion if mine, something I take very seriously, and spend quite a bit of my time and energy attempting to engage Facebook and Twitter users from around the World, to share in the benefits that I have obtained from studying, and more so, practicing, practicing, practicing,  for my own happiness,  healthiness, freedom and success.

This is quite clearly a double-edged sword; for it has allowed to me to connect and interface, and truly HELP 100s and 100s of people from around the world, with whom not for these Social Media platforms, I would not have the opportunity to connect with, of not for these Social Media Platforms.  Furthermore, there is no real way of any regulation of such medias, and nor should there be, in my opinion. It comes down to individuals’ Rights of Freedom of Expression.  However,  it is now beginning to cause harm,  primarily by spreading panic among the public,  which in some ways is quite similar to new areas of legislation being introduced; such as “Anti Cyber Bullying” and “Anti Cyber Stalking . So this does begin to question: “At what point is spreading malicious, false propagandas, becoming a Criminal Act?”

Well, there were at least one criminal chare filed in lieu of the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster, where at least one individual who thought they were just having some prankster fun sent out “Photoshoped” images of ominous storm clouds brewing and swirling above the New York City skyline.  As is the case all too often with the Internet, this guy thought he was completely anonymous, which allowed him to act without concern of repercussions. Well, he was wrong, and obviously rather deluded as to what affect he might have, and as to his anonymity.

Thus my conclusion is that there are several factors that converge that allow and breed this modern day common occurrence and proliferation of Fake images, quotes and posting that contain disinformation; such as statistics, rumors and full-on “fairytales.” Firstly that people are ignorant and will pass along information that they are assuming is factual, simply because they “read about it on the internet.” Secondly with the advent, and common day use of the Internet has been an increased sense of anonymity, a platform on which any delusional “Joe Blow” can reach an audience, and potentially, a very large, and unregulated audience.


And lastly, which is a hybrid of all of these factors, coupled with the wildly popular use of Social Media sites, the ability for this ignorant, deluded, large population size in use, with the ability of almost everyone being able to have access to, and in many ways, an equal voice to those in otherwise more reputable and powerful positions, say as a member of the Print or TV media, a huge population of people that thrive, or more accurately, a population of Egos which thrive on “being in the know”, thus just as any kind of gossip, some Egos see this as an opportunity to express their own “grandeur” by feeling special,  smart, more knowledgeable, “in the know,” and thus this urge to spread gossip as the gospel, provides their insecure Egos with the sense of feeling superior, because they “Know” something that you don’t,  so in spreading this disinformation, via a click of the mouse, what they experience as a “rush” of sense of power, and a reinforcement of their own fragile egos, with not a sense of concern over whether or not the image, quote,  or information is accurate, as much as they know it makes them feel superior, stronger and, even if just for a moment,  BETTER than the rest,  because they have something that other people want. And it is this Egoic reinforcing factor, that I believe,  is the real impetus behind such widespread fiction,  and in some cases, widespread panic

(Fred Rogers Never served in the Military…. Full story from the well-researched, myth-debunking site:

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