Everyday Enlightenments – Satori: Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani’s Video Blog 21 Nov. 2012

Video Blog about Everyday Enlightenments, How to become a Bodhisattva, I Am, Just Be, My Path, My Story, of How I Became a Bodhisattva, and more importantly, How YOU can Awaken to Pure Consciousness, Transcending All Subject-Object Dichotomy,
Awaken to Oneness, Only Here & Now, Where Infinity intersects Eternity in one time and place, Today, The Here and Now, Everyday Enlightenments, How I Became a Bodhisattva, a Stream Entrant, Broke the first 3 Fetters, Obtained Insight into the True Nature of Reality, Satori, Pure Awareness, Consciousness, Just Being, Infinite, Eternal, Mindful, Mindfulness, Buddha, Dharma, Dhamma, Sangha, Maha-Sangha, Ariya Sangha, Going for Refuge to the Three Jewels, Triple Gems, Mind, Body, Speech, Om, Ah, Hum, Twitter, Video Blog, Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani, My Teachers, Gurus, Urgyen Sangharakshita, Manjuvajra, Buddhapalita, Saramati, Triratna Buddhist Order & Community, Eckhart Tolle, My Dog Jewel,

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  1. Hi Dharmamitra, i got the message “this video is private” when i clicked on it. Is there any way i can view it? THanks much

  2. Jeff, I’m so glad that you made this video! You’re even more WUVABLE on camera!! I have never watched a short video that brought out such intense emotions ranging from laughing so hard that my abs hurt to wanting to cry because my heart ached. I love that you’re so real in your video, not afraid to show your nervous side, as well as your confident side. I also love that you’re so honest with your verbal and emotional expressions, as well as your body language. It didn’t feel rehearsed, like you had the need for it to be perfect in videoland. You were just Being in The Moment. It was funny how you acknowledged Jewel (?) whenever she moved, and expressed your appreciation for her patience. I can tell you treasure your dog. She’s so cute! My dog is black and white too! Thank you for sharing such a precious moment with all of us. Now, I feel like I know you more, and I’m grateful that I had a chance to meet such an amazing soul. ^_^

    • Thank You! I love the video blog, I have abut 10 of them on my home page. Its just back to figuring out the word press thing…I will figure it out, I already have a page for videos, but no videos on it, and all my posts just keep adding up. You could get carpel tun ell just scrolling down to last month. So I have engineer something to archive and organize, but its all so foreign to me. I’ start a course online next moth to learn more about integrating marketing, tags, link, all that stuff. I do social media marketing consulting professionally, but nothing with web design or code or links or, anything. So this blog s sort og my baby, and also my Guinea pig🙂
      I LOVE my dog Jewel, she is truly my baby. We’ve never been apart for the past 10 years, not more than a little while, and I work from home, usually, so we spend 24 hours a day, 365 days per year together, for the last ten years. (more or less)
      Anytime you want to me, my videos on here, and some are petty funny. I was more nervous today because I felt like talking for three hours, but it’s good enough, it does the job, and its a practice in mindfulness.
      I am so happy you liked it🙂

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