The Key, or essence of obtaining True Insight lays Not in Gaining, or Adding Anything…but in the Letting Go, peeling off….


Image: The Bodhisattva Gautama, Under the Bodhi Tree, being attacked my Mara, “the evil doer” as he tries to Scare or use lust to Distract the Bodhisattva,  shortly before he obtains Samyak Sambodhi,  or Perfect and Complete Enlightenment, Nirvana (Nibbana)

We practice to abandon “having” things or “being” anything at all. We don’t practice to “get” or to “be” a Stream Entrant/Bodhisattva, or Buddha.

Excerpt  from the Satipanna Sutta  ≈ “The Path to Stream Entry” A Stream Entrant is the same thing as a Bodhisattva, although there are various degrees.

This describes well what achieving True Insight, or Stream Entry is like, in my experience (At the lowest end of the “Bodhisattva Scale”)

“With sati (mindfulness) firmly established within the sphere of our bodies, our restless thinking and conjuring will diminish and the mind will be at peace. This is samādhi. When the mind is quiet, we will clearly know what it’s like not to have any mental impressions or hindrances disturbing it. The mind is bright and clear.

When thoughts come into the mind, we will know. With this stilled mind, we can investigate and know all mental impressions: all nāma (mind) and rūpa (matter) before us as anicca (impermanent), dukkha (suffering) and anattā (not self). Then the mind will step away from them all, including the body. This body is merely a body, not a person, me, mine or them.

This knowledge arises from “the one who knows” and it doesn’t hold to anything as “mine.” This is a mind totally still and free. Although there might be some sense impingement and thoughts passing through, the mind will continue to be still because it has stepped out of the way of these mind objects3. When we know how to step away from them, then we will truly understand what a quiet mind is like and what a disturbed mind is like. ”

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  1. Namaste, Jeff –

    Thanks for posting this description of Samadhi. I wanted to leave a comment and possibly start a conversation. I am also a lay-buddhist practitioner and I also had a wonderful year with some profound insights – very much along the lines of those you are describing.

    I have a question for you, and you can be sure that I’m also working on this: is the experience of emptiness on the cushion the experience that sets us free — or is it our ability to embody it once we stand up, once we return from retreat? I see now that the practice is more than achieving an experience. I try to keep present-moment-awareness in normal life, too. Once in a while, my ‘regular life’ has the qualities of concentrated awareness — but more often that is still found on the cushion. Have you been able to bring the insight-perspective into your everyday living… everyday?

    I’m really enjoying your enthusiasm for the path and enjoying your descriptions of the flowering of insight in your practice. You mentioned the site. You’ve also mentioned your love of zen and your appreciation for vipassana. I wonder if you’ve read this: I have found it to be extraordinary in it’s clarity and it’s inspiration.

    Great Peace, my friend.


    • Hi Dave, It’s excellent to read about your experience and I appreciate the link to the pdf from Access to Insight. I just opened that, and I thought by name that is was one from the site that I have read, but now looking at the actual download; I can tell that it is not one that I have read, and I appreciate the suggestion. is one of the best (personally, i think it is THE BEST) online resources for the Pali Canon, and many other modern Theravada Buddhist Teachers. I have read works by Bhikkhu Thãnsissaro.

      I spent most of my Buddhist practice life as a fairly skilled meditator, living in Semi-Monastic Communities and working in right-Livelihood, spending a good month or two per year on retreat, and having lots of experience with the Dhyanas and Samadhi, and then coming off of retreat and slowing readjusting to the “real world,” I would often walk around for days in first Dhyana, and the longer the retreat, the longer I seemed to be able to maintain those exalted states of absorption, “off the cushion.”
      My experience changed when I moved away from the city and state where my Maha-Sangha/ the Buddhist group that I was seeking ordination within, and living with and doing all of these group activities with and traveling around the country and world to various centers of this particular school of Buddhism, which is an “Ecumenical, or sometimes called eclectic school of Buddhism. I had pretty set ideas that I would live and teach Buddhism, at a retreat center, for the rest of my life, for many years, at least, that was my notion. But after I moved away, my experience and ideas of what I was doing and where I was going began to change, as I was evolving with my ideas of what my practice was about and where it was going, etc.

      I have blogged on this a bunch, so I’ll just jump to toady, or a year ago.

      So, my experiences of sustained samadhi and gradual evolving and progress were a lot like you describe, with flashes of insight, and then long periods of transformation, but there was always *My Mediation, and then * My Life, as much as i tried to keep from having a separation there was my practice on the cushion, and off the cushion, and there was sometimes a lot of fading over, but still a distinct dichotomy.
      B just over a year ago, I had the experience of (and I was not On the Cushion) it was a time of intense suffering, and (as I said I have spent hours video blogging and writing about this, so I’m just relaying the high lights, although there’s a lot more to the story, of where I was, and what I had been going through, etc, to be in such a depressed, unhappy place of intense suffering and suicidal ideology,

      in a minute, I just got up, I quit, and it all stopped. All the discursive chatter in my mind, all thoughts just stopped.

      All I was left: experiencing was the Emptiness of all five Skandhas.
      It took about 3 months to figure out what had occurred and to digest this experience of seeing that I don’t actually exist, and neither does anything else.

      What was left was Ongoing, Pure, Emptiness. No-self. The arising of Insight, the breaking of the first 3 fetters was the best description in Buddhist literature I could find to describe what had happened. But I, and the use of “I” is always just a method of comminicating, experienced True Insight into the Nature of Reality, or Stream Entry, and it wasn’t a subtle transition, it was a Critical Mass, a Tipping Point, I was there, then “I” was Nothing, and I have not returned.

      So, then I started to talk to others that had Entered the Stream, Broken the first 3 Fetters (at least) and realized there’s a whole community of people with similar stories, as the Pali Canon is not short of similar stories either.

      And since, I have read quotes from Ajahn Chah talking about living as a Thai Forest Monk, that if you haven’t experienced Stream Entry after a year of living in such conditions, you’re probably doing something wrong.

      Well, I always imagined that I would have some attainment, but that it was going to follow the gradula path that i had been on, with simply more and more time in samadhi, and that living Bodhisattvas were some archetypal ideal, and maybe some vajrayana yogis were accomplishing these experiences…

      Well, I don’t know what those Vajrayana Yogis are experiencing, but I know my own experience and what it has brought here, to Detroit. And Now I do ,y thing, I correspond with several 100 Buddhist in India and I share my experience to try to inspire, and to let people know that this isn’t just some idealistic ideology, but that it’s the most practical thing that I can imagine, and that the gradual path may work, but with what I was doing, and how serious my practice felt, it was great, but totally missing the mark.

      Anyhow, that’s a lot of information and somewhat related to what you asked, but really my point is, and It’s part that I left out of the story. I met with a guy who I had known for years, who had also smashed the illusion of a separate self, in a moment, and after a few times meeting and working with him, which wasn’t on the cushion, but as a coffee shop, he helped with some excellent pointer, so I could experience this new level pf awareness, without a self, and it was a couple of months later that I smashed through, and Entered the Stream, myself. So I think that’s what is vitally missing from what I was doing, and the foundation of mindfulness and Samadhi I had set down, but I need to be thrown through that doorway, and stop tip-toeing around it…year after year, retreat after retreat, first through fourth Dhyanas, etc,m etc.

      And now, I just know who to listen to, and who not to, and who resonates at the level of Real Insight, or above, and I stick with those teachers, and I put this Blog out there for anyone that’s ready for it, as my part.

      And that’s really the long and short of it.

      Since then I’ve been purifying my Samskaras and Karmic momentum, to set up the conditions to break the remaining fetters, because I’m all for Samyak Sambodhi, or Bust!🙂 🙏_/\_

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