So it’s all in the INTENTION That’s What Really Matters: Selfish-Promoting, or Self Acceptance/Self-Love means that it’s Perfectly Acceptable to (actually preferable) that One can or does, “Like” a posting, a Blog, and Observation, despite who’s name is, or is not, on it.

English: Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Resized,...

(Again, this Blog was created, originally, as a Comment on the Blog posting: “To “LIKE” or Not to “LIKE”?” by “Prego And The Loon” (Then SLIGHTLY modified to form a New Blog, a New Stream, a New String, that I find is a Delightful way of helping this Blog to become More Interactive, as is stated in the Header on every Page of This Blog’s Purpose, among the the other aspects of My Mission Statement:

“Interactive, Experiential Sharing”

(Want “Proof”? Just “Scroll Up, a wee bit, and read the Headline for yourself! 😉

This is Beautiful! I was just having this same inner-debate, a few days ago… and My conclusion was “exactly” the same as Your’s.😊
I am frequently reminded about the Nature of Reality: “It IS what It IS.” ☯
Newton did Not Invent Gravity, Maslow did Not Invent “Maslow’s Hierarchy” Bill Wilson and Dr Bob did Not Invent “The 12 Steps,” Franklin, Tesla, Edison did Not Invent Electricity, they simply Tapped into a Truth of Reality. Electricity has Always been Here and Now, the Now for Neanderthals, ancient Rome, in this very Moment, the Now. The Now is Eternal and Infinite. It was the Now, 2,600 years ago, when the Buddha walked around India and Nepal, and the “same Electricity will be Now for year 3012 (Whether tapped into by flying a Kite with a key tied to it, or using Solar conversion, or Cold Fusion from Nuclear Conversion,) Electricity simply IS, just as Many “Things” simply “Are” Here and Now. Despite whether or not “We” are Conscious of the Truth (a.k.a.The Dharma,) makes no difference in whether or not it is True. The Truth simply IS, just as 1+1=2, whether we “know” it or not, it is ALways the Truth, it is Always HERE & NOW. The Buddha did Not invent the Dharma (The Buddha was actually very clear about this point; he described his Experience of finding the Dharma, the Transcendental Truth = Transcendental Reality, following this Path to Enlightenment, as Re-Discovering a forgotten Path that had simply been lost, like a path left unattended in the jungle, it was overgrown with vines and foliage, but it was/is/alway will be Here and Now.(THIS is very meaning of the term Transcendental: it Transcends, or simply ‘cuts across Space and Time) The Path simply IS, Always has been Here, Now, Always will be, Here and Now…. There simply ARE Factual Truths that exist in the Universe. No one “Invents” these Truths, they simply are the first OBSERVERS to Publicize these Truths of Reality…and they get their name attached to it, and eventually their Observation get accepted, retested, and then called “Law.”
I’m not saying our shared Observation is as Profound as Gravity, Electricity, “The 12-Steps” or the Buddha-Dharma, but “profundity” is Relative, and “Relativity” is the opposite, the antithesis of Absolute, of Transcendental. So there are Relative truths and Absolute Truth.

On that note, I absolutely concur with you. There’s a PROFOUND Difference between being Self-Centered, and Self-Loving, and I, like you ( and I Like You– 😆 hahaha…that’s word play! And a reminder that a comma “,” can make all the difference. Although in this situation, Both are true:, I, like you = We have a similar/shared perspective, AND, I Like You = I think you’re pretty darn smart and insightful😉) “Liking” a post or comment, is just that simple, it means I “Like” it! And I Like what you say, and I like that you Like the things you say, or post, or whatever…. So it’s all in the INTENTION is What Really Matters: Selfish-Promoting, or Self Acceptance/Self-Love means that it’s Perfectly Acceptable to (actually preferable) that One can or does, “Like” a posting, a Blog, and Observation, despite who’s name is, or is not, on it. So if it’s the Buddha, or you, or me, is ultimately insignificant. The INTENTION is what matters, and LIKING One’s Self, or One’s own post, or comment, is Perfectly Perfect! 😄😘💕👏☯♻🌎🙏 (And now, you’re own Exemplification of Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, done so with Purely Loving Intention, has Inspired and Reminded Me of the same Truth (and given a Great topic to comment, blog, and Ultimately, to CONNECT with my fellow Self-Loving Humans. 😊💚🙏)

The “Flavor” of this image may “taste” like”Arrogance.” But if you read  Blog Post, then you’ll hopefully understand what I mean by the significance or “The Power of Intention” or Motive (This is SO HUGELY Significant, and I am In good company on this point, seeing as Right-Intention is the Second Limb of Gautama Buddha‘s Noble Eight-Fold Path to Enlightenment, Liberation, Nirvana. Nibbana)…and how the same Image, or the same Act of “Liking” one’s own “Status”/:Comment/”Post”/Blog is a matter of INTENTION, & the Tremendous Difference Between ‘Self-Centered,” and “Self-LOVE!” :)😊💚🙏


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