Buddhist Right Livelihood: Money, Jobs and The Dharma: How do we Integrate All ASpects of Life

English: The Bhavacakra (Sanskrit; Devanagari:...

English: The Bhavacakra (Sanskrit; Devanagari: भवचक्र; Pali: bhavacakka) or Wheel of Becoming is a symbolic representation of continuous existence proces in the form of a circle, used primarily in Tibetan Buddhism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think anyone that lives (and works, or doesn’t work) in the World today and values Integrity, Genuineness, Honesty, Transparency, Ethical/Moral Spiritual Lifestyle is, whether they know it or not, examining their Principles of what is called Right-Livelihood in Buddhist Dharma, or Dhamma (Dharma/Dhamma is most often translated as it’s meaning for ” Enlightened Teaching” or ” Enlightened Truth,” or even better: “Enlightened Teachings of Truth”) it is called in the Pali language, the older, predecessor to Sanskrit, and thus  more historically accurate term. But that’s a topic I will blog on another time.🙂

The Dharma is Freely given, but that doesn’t mean it operates in a vacuum. This is a very important issue, and one reason I am starting new linkIn group for Buddhist in business that deals specifically with the matters of Right-Livelihood, since it is a topic I see discussed frequently in this group, but not thoroughly clarified.
The World certainly has an overall, shared delusional perspective on Money and its significance. I think we can all agree on that, too.(But again, that’ll another blog posting.) I also think that we need to keep the heat on (I’m in Detroit, MI USA, and it is COLD!) as well as food, shelter, clothing, education and have healthcare. This issues affect Every person in some manner. I stayed in Monastic Communities, Lived for several Years in Semi-Monastic communities, Started Sangha “owned and operated” Businesses, worked in establishments identified in their Mission Statements as “Buddhist Right-Livelihood” (some are technically established as 501(c)3’s = Non=Profit, Not-for-Profit, and some are more traditionally established businesses
I’ve spent years navigating the waters of Right-Livelihood, Buddhist in business, and the ethical consideration of these complex issues of Monetary gains and losses, Skillful Intention, Right-Livelihood, trying to make the Best Dharma available to Most people at the Least cost. I’ve worked in Team-Based Right-Livelihood in Businesses established the Maha-Sangha (At one I was managing three restaurants, all of which were started by my Buddhist Sangha, as a means of Right-Livelihood,) Teaching Classes, facilitating retreats, Writing Tertiary Dharma Publications, workshops, etc Being a “Full-Time Buddhist” and having to make a living to have food, shelter ,clothing, etc is why Right-Livelihood is the Fifth Limb of the Noble Eight-Fold Path. There’s nothing that mutually excludes “Being Freely Given” while still being “protected by Copy Right.” There are many reasons to © original content, regardless of it one is a Writer by vocation, and for income, as well that which offered freely to the public. Nor is there anything Unskillful in generating income through any one of endless options in combining one’s spiritual practice with one’s method of monetary sustenance.

But Back to the Copy Right issue… Copy Right is in many ways analogous to an artist that signs his or her original work. And just as we can all benefit from viewing fine art, having the artist’s signature on it doesn’t imply any Intent by the artist, other than identification. There are countless reasons why it can be useful in protecting your original work, regardless of anything to do with monetization, and much relevant to the misuse and potential for exploiting someone by unscrupulous third-parties.

[EDITORIAL NOTE: I am having some Technical Difficulties with WordPress and this website. As you noticed in this short bit of writing, I touched on almost an endless list of other aspects of the Buddha Dharma that I want to share with You,  and the World…. There;s So much I’ve practiced and experienced,  and so much that I did, which at the time I would call a “Mistake” (that’s putting it Nicely) and learned from it,  and grew and adapted,  and ultimately I have my who life experience, and quite an amazingly adventurous life it’s been! But what has really distinguished my experience from so many others that write about Spiritual matter and Buddhism,  is the Objective Attainment of Stream Entry, which has given  me a “Benchmark,” a certain Objective Standard of Wisdom attained that is what and why I feel a RESPONSIBILITY to share with my fellows. Just as the Hand doesn’t say: “I’m not pulling the thorn out of this foot, it’s Not ‘my’ problem!” So it is with the Insight of Stream Entry,  that I CANNOT Disregard any Element of Our Universe as something that’s simply: “NOT ‘My’ PROBLEM,” Because on That Day,  almost a year ago exactly, “I” AWOKE at the Same moment that “I” DIED. The DEATH of Jeffrey Stefani was very literally and technically the Birth of a Bodhisattva.  Although I still have an “ego,” I went “Behind The Scenes” of this Illusionists’ Show, and “I” EXPERIENCED The “SMOKE AND MIRRORS” that is called “Me” or Differentiated as Jeff Stefani. So the ‘smoke and mirrors’ are still, to a significant degree,  in place, BUT, The Illusion is Over, and the consequential changes are ongoing.  But my point is that when that version of “me” died, the version that arose from the ashes is the one the will not just give up,  until Everyone has “Come BACKSTAGE” and seen the Illusion for what it is…an Illusion. Then,  we can ALL Wrap-Up this Game, and move on to The NEXT Version of Life 2.0 !! This is NOT THEORETICAL Concept,  this is Stepping-off of the cyclical existence known as Samsara, the Wheel of Life, Bhavacakra, and Ascending the Spiral Path, The 12 Positive Nidanas, that Lead to Entering The Stream/ becoming a Bodhisattva, and heading for The Far Shore of Nirvana! :)  🙏💚🌀🌎☯♻🙏

About Dharmamitra Jeffrey Stefani

ABOUT Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani: Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ Meditation + Dharma Teacher; Mindfulness-Based Therapy; Only Here, Now: Awake-to-Oneness; Filmmaker/Video Producer, Photographer, Editor, Traveler, Public Speaker, Author, Nature-Lover, Outdoor Leadership + Education, Wilderness Medicine Medical Physiologist (Human) Modern Psychoanalyst Lean Startup Founder + Managing Director of: OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC (A True Buddhist Right-Livelihood Business) Organic SEO + Local SEO Search Engine OPTIMIZED Content Campaigns, Strategies + Tactics; Relationship UnMarketing; Social Media Engagement; Brand/Customer Loyalty Programs Web 3.0 + Digital Marketing WordPress Website Design + UXE ODM, LLC’s Office Address: OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC 512 E 11 Mile Rd Suite 300 Royal Oak, Michigan 46067 United States ODM, LLC’s Office Phone Number: +1 (248) 425-1821 ODM, LLC’s Office Email: Info@OptimizedDigitalMarketing.com ODM Website: http://OptimizedDigitalMarketing.Com http://BuddhistInsight.Org •Twitter Accounts: @DharmamitraJeff (Dharma Account) @JeffreyStefani (Work Account) OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC; Organic Search Engine Optimization + Local Search Engine Optimization; SEO Content Strategy + Campaigns • Facebook Profile: Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani • Facebook Pages: † Sharing The Buddha-Dharma: Triratna Buddhist Community: Detroit-Royal Oak † OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC (ODM) •Google+ Profile: Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani •Google+ Pages: † “Buddhist Insight” † OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC (ODM, LLC) Why Content Marketing, Organic-SEO, Local-SEO, SEM, SMM + WordPress Integration?! GREAT Question! OPTIMIZED Digital Marketing, LLC (ODM, LLC) is a part of the “New Earth,” “Awakening Global Consciousness Movement”... A True “Buddhist Right-Livelihood Business” ... “Relationship UnMarketing” = TOTALLY UNLIKE TRADITIONAL MARKETING... It’s All About Relationships, EQUAL + FAIR PRACTICES, Having an Interactive Voice + Brand Online Marketing = “The Great Equalizer”... That Levels the “Virtual Playing Field” Buddhist Right-Livelihood Business [Don’t be silly and think that “Digital Marketing” is in-and-to-itself something superficial, unethical, or At ALL "Inherently Bad”... I help Buddhist, Non-Buddhist, For-Profit, Start-Ups, Local and Small-Medium Sized Businesses, Organizations, Non-Profits, Anyone or Anything That IS an Ethical Organization (They need SEO just as much, if not MORE So, than the Big Companies!) May ALL KNOW Joy, Love, Wellness, Success, and Freedom from Suffering...by KNOWING the *Causes* and *Conditions* of Joy, Love, Wellness, Success, and Freedom from All Suffering! 🙏💚😌 Mettā, Sati, Karuna, Upekkhā... Peace and Love ALL! ~The Dharmakaya

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  1. FYI: WordPress is Very “BUGGY” right now, so if you received more than one notification, or tried or find it and it wasn’t here ,etc, I apologize for the inconvenience.
    It took me over an hour to get the text published, which took about 10 minutes to write!
    So, I’m just really frustrated with WP lately. They didn’t Map My Site, Didn’t respond to my questions, and Ended up costing more money to to GoDaddy where I was able to abstain ownership of the Domain name in Seconds, and Talk to a HUMAN in Seconds, something WP has Not done for me in my 3 months of Trying, so now I have to redirect from the DNS which should have been (supposedly was) mine ever since I got it from WP in October.
    IF ANYONE has any Suggestions, I’d appreciate it.
    I’m Just Trying to Share GREAT INFORMATION of HOW to ESCAPE SUFFERING, Permanently CURED!!

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