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English: Head-shot of Eckhart Tolle from directly in front by Kyle Hoobin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So,  I wasn’t exactly a “typical” kid, I think that’s safe to say.  Yet, in other ways,  in the grand scheme of things,  I was fairly typical.
I lived a very adventurous life,  and did a  lot of cool stuff.

I should,  no,  I WILL re-write my “About Me” so this Blog is in Perspective.
But to give you the simple version: when I was 19, 20, I began a serious Search for the ANSWERS! About five years in,  I came across Buddhism,  and dove in,  head first!

I was REALLY GOOD at it.  I mean,  i understood what the Buddha was saying,  it jived with my experience,  and my chemically induced Enlightenment.  (Which, although chemically induced,  still shows you the whole “Behind the Scenes” look into Yourself,  and Reality.

My Meditation ability was the best of anyone I knew,  and I lived in a community for men studying for Ordination into the Western Buddhist Order. We ran a business,  and had a great, popular Buddhist Center (called: The Rocky Mountain Buddhist Center)
I began to teach and spent about 6-8 weeks of the year on retreat.  It was AWESOME!🙂

So,  fast forward, (This isn’t the fast version I was thinking of…)

Blah, Blah, Blah (Addict),  Blah, Blah,  moved back to Detroit-area.
Blah,  blah,  (Sober) blah. After a few years,  depression and anxiety were still an issue.
A night of Intense suffering,  and then it happened!

My profound Arising of Absolute Bodhicitta, direct experience of Anatman, Anatta, Śuntayta (Sunyata/Shunyata) Emptiness,  Vipassana, Insight, Prajna, Wisdom, No-Self, Awoke to Oneness, etc

A  LOT of names for this Objective Attainment. (Ironically,  the Attainment is attaining Wisdom and Insight into Reality,  which is where/how I learned that I do not exist,

YUP!  It Is Absolutely,  Positively, Empirically, Scientifically, FACTUAL,  and something that’s been known and explained since the Buddha first Awoken albeit a different caliber. Although the Big Insight Arises at the point of Stream Winning,  or Stream Entry,  that’s what a Bodhisattva is,  And that’s: How to become a Bodhisattva… the Second Name of this Blog.  That is the Technical Starting place of a Bodhisattva. Ironically, the day I discovered that I do not exist, I go into this a whole lot in this blog,  in the videos,  etc,  and I am not going to explain now,  but I will,  AGAIN.
How is it that I don’t exist? Wel,  that’s what you have to experience for yourself.


Because It’s REALITY. It is also the thing that puts all of Life in perspective. And, now Wisdom is attained, and how Absolute Bodhicitta Arises.  (I’ll say this: it’s not REALLY compassion,  since you see that there is No “Me” and “Them” there is no subjective-objective dichotomy. So really, if you think about the word “compassion” and what it means. [ the computer says it means: “sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others”

So you see the term “others”?
That IS a Subject, Object, Dichotomy.

There is No Self, Nor Others, so this magical Compassion of a Bodhisattva,  well that’s all Bull Shit! It’s analyzing actions in a dualistic Universe,  and with Stream Winning,  you cease to be you. They cease to be them, and Reality simply Is (period)

So,  this is an illusion that you and I are separate beings,  but we can still play along.  This is a Dream, it is Smoke and Mirrors, a Delusion. But,  I can still pick up the game pieces,  and keep playing.  SO now I try to Awaken Others,  so we all know that this isn’t real,  there are no problems,  and there’s much cooler stuff t be experiencing than what the world is actually experiencing,  based on this delusion.  That is why SOME that Awaken choose to Teach,  so to speak.  Many Do Not.  I can see why they don’t…because they’re not real,  so why pretend?

So I am continuing this game of life,  but with totally different experience of it.

I started to do Psychoanalysis,  5 days per week,  on the couch,  just like Carl Jung, and many other famous Analysts (As Opposed to Psychiatry or Psychology, Psychoanalysis is TOTALLY Different,  and it help to Purify my Samskaras,  or Karmic Momentum,  and make me Better,  and cure those “problems” so that I can be the best Bodhisattva I can be! AND so I can Win the Big prize,  Nirvana.  (“I” have entered the stream,  but have not crossed it.  THAT is Enlightenment,  or Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi. This is a lot about Buddhism,  at least in terminology,  but you don’t have to be a Buddhist to Awaken to Oneness.

So,  now that’s enough to bring us up to date.  It’s a Fricking AMAZING RIDE!
I am committed to haring it and helping others. One of the reasons it doesn’t occur for a lot of practicing Buddhists is because they THINK it’s some larger than life event,  fo some future life, or just for Zen roshies or Lamas, Bhikkhus, or Eckhart Tolle.
Well, It Is Not! I am Here to Prove it,  and to Utilize Psychoanalysis to puffy my karma and bring about further and further evolution.  And to do it while Living in a modern city,  working and all that stuff. It’s TRULY an EPIC ADVENTURE,  so this BLOG is going to Keep going and I will write a book (for those that don’t follow the Blog…)

So, this blog is for anyone that is SERIOUS about Spiritual Evolution,  Awakening,  Enlightenment, THE REAL DEAL!  You don’t have to be a Buddhist.  That’s the path I found most conducive, but MANY PATHS are available.  Reality Is Reality,  no matter what.

(You’ll be a Buddha and a Christ, so, THERE! Along with who or wherever you are.)
So I am now switching this Blog over to GoDaddy for Web Hosting,  since you can only do SO much while under the WordPress.com site hosting rule book.

And, we’re Going BIG TIME!  With SEO and SEM (That’s for the Search Engines, so this Blog gets found,  and Everyone Can Awaken instead of watching stupid “Reality” TV and playing Video Games.



Advice?? (Especially as switch fro wordpress.com or wordpress.org and use Go Daddy,  and PROBABLY a WP Theme called “Thesis 2.0”  I have it, but it’s tricky to figure out.

Okay,  so show your support with comments and advice and feedback.

And Don’t be LAME! Say Something!

About Dharmamitra Jeffrey Stefani

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