If you sit for one inch; You are one inch Buddha

Lion Guardians of the Bodhi Path

Lion Guardians of the Bodhi Path (Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography)

If you sit for one inch; you are one inch a Buddha.

Zen Buddhist Proverb. Refers to a time when Meditation sittings were timed by the time it took for a certain length of stick of incense to burn.
They did not have clocks, but they had high quality, consistently burning incense.

It also reflects another very significant concept, or belief. That being; an absolute certainty in the process of Enlightenment, or “the practice” of Meditation, of the Following The Path, the Path of the Dharma, the Buddha’s Noble Eight-Fold Path the Path, The Buddhist Path, or simply “The Path,” The Path of Spiritual Evolution, The Path from Samsara, or Conditioned Existence, or Compounded Existence, or simply,  “Everyday ,common existence” through its clearly mapped-out phases, understood stages, or phases to Nirvana, or Satori.

I cannot stress these two points enough: 1) That “The Buddhist Path” and the Destinations of Insight (which spontaneously arises) and Nirvana, which is anuttara-samyak-sambodhi, (Or  Supreme perfect enlightenment, the unsurpassed enlightenment of a Buddha. Anuttara means supreme, highest, incomparable, unsurpassed, or peerless. Samyak means right, correct, true, accurate, complete, or perfect, and sambodhi means enlightenment. The expression samyak-sam-bodhi by itself is also used to mean perfect enlightenment. Thus, anuttara-samyak-sambodhi means supreme perfect, unsurpassed wisdom)

 are very literal, and clearly mapped and understood. 2) That with each action, or inaction, with each moment of meditation,  As this Zen Proverb speaks directly to, we are a moment closer to Awakening, Stream Winning, How to become a Bodhisattva,  Insight, Vipassana (Translated usually as “Transcendental Insight,” the root words mean: “to see distinctly”Prajna, Insight, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Nibbana, Satori, etc.
The Noble Path, the Buddhist Path to Insight, to Awakening is as, or more real and literal than any piece of modern Cartography, “Mapquest,” or any satellite-obtained Map or Geological Survey of the Earth’s Geography and Contours.
Don’t believe me? Well, I can point you in the direction to Prove this Fact for yourself. I Am Living Proof, I have followed the Path, and achieved Insight, Wisdom, Vipassana, Prajna, Emptiness, Śunyata, etc.
I look at Facebook, I read what SO MANY people are Tweeting, I constantly see (often misquotes) quotes of the Buddha,  or any one of Thousand other Awakened Teachers, that it would appear as though EVERYONE Truly Wants to Access Insight.

But, is ANYONE willing to actually Take The Actions necessary to bring about this Vipassana, or Arising of Insight? To Lose Yourself and Gain the Universe, are you up for the task? 

So that’s why I am here,  to share the Truth,  the Bodhidhamma, the Dharma, my Direct Experience. That’s All, That’s It! I can’t Do It For You! But I can save you a lot of unnecessary hassles, or misdirection. But,  the choice is All Yours.  The Real Question Is: Do You Really Want to KNOW The TRUTH?!?!

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