The Hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

The waste hierarchy refers to the "3 Rs&q...

The waste hierarchy refers to the “3 Rs” reduce, reuse and recycle, which classify waste management strategies according to their desirability. The 3 Rs are meant to be a hierarchy, in order of importance. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is Recycling not good enough:

It has come to my attention, despite my own attempts to remind people, that many of us don’t understand, or think about, the” HigherArchey” of reduce, reuse, recycle.
give a shout out to George Strombolopolis (that’s phonetically spelled), from the Canadian show “The Hour”, on CBC, for his ONEMILLIONACTSOFGREEN.COM campaign.

our neighbors to the north appreciate thier natual resources, and are trying to protect them, and i would hope that anyone that doesn’t realize the significance , and spiritual connection (the inter-relatedness of ALL things) of Nature and the wilderness would spend some time (properly trained and prepared) in Nature, so that we all might realize the unexplicable pureness, beauty and sipiritual-nature, of Mother Nature. nothing makes for a more loving heart than the realization that we are all inter-related. i am you, you are me, i am the universe, the universe is me, and Nature is my temple, my Holy Land.

OK, so why reduce, reuse, recycle, in that order?

its really quite simple, logical, mathamatical:
1)REDUCE: if i , for example, choose not to just have that cup of Hot Chocolate at Starbucks (and those that know me KNOW, that i LOVE me my hot chocolate, as well as frequently “falling in love” with lovely Barista that serves it with a smile… ok, i could really go off on a tangent, but i won’t)
THEN, that cup is not used, therefore, it will not be PRODUCED ( e.g., the tree is saved, the gasoline for the chain saw, the trucks, the power plant, the refinery, the Dioxin and Chlorine to bleach and process the paper, the cargo ship carryying cocoa from south america, etc, is REDUCED. so i have an net impact of Zero (this is my science/math background making it logical)
2) REUSE: so, i want that cup off cocoa b/c of the antioxidents, the deliscious chocloate, a chance to flirt with that Barista with the tattoo of a *Star” on her hand (i want to say her name is Abbey, but it really doesn’t matter, b/c after two years of “buying her attention”; i never would ask her out…but again, i digress)
SO, i REUSE my tavel mug. this mug is made of plastic, and it uses fossil fuels to make, but i can use it over and over, ergo: REUSE, and thus, my IMPACT is equivelant to 1.

LASTLY (as well as least efficiantly, we have:)
RECYCLE: So i get that dispossible coffee cup, but i put it in the RECYCLING box, so the paper can be recycled. so, it took the resaources/energy to manufacture this paper cup, then it takes resources and energy to recycle it, however, it takes less resources than to produce a “NEW” cup than it does to produce a “RECYLED” cup. ( but this is still far less efficient than reducing, or even reusing).
(mathamaticallly we have 1 [for the initial manufacturing] PLUS the amount it talkes to procress the recycled paper into another cup, which is FAR from nothing. but its still FAR better thyan usin a brand new cup.
so i am going to estimate the impact at about 1.5- 1.85,( lets call it 1.66) as opposed to the impoact of using two NEW cups, where the impact is equal to 2.

SO, my friends, there you have it, in an example from my life, with the aid of math. [ again the math is just to give an approxiamte “level of impact” that one has, from 0, -1, – 1.66, to 2, and on and on]

so remeber to REDUCE
but try to rember that order, or higher archey of environmental impact.
BTW, i have to say that i am a two-time Graduate from “The National Outdoor Leadership School“, A.K.A.: ” NOLS”, which educates lovers of the out of doors in the LNT, or Leave No Trace philosophy.

(and if you haven’t been to the pacifc northwest, into Canada and the northern Rocky Mountains, if you haven’t seen the impact of comercial logging, clear-cutting, etc, then let me tell you, when mountaineering, or flying over in a plane, it appears that the Earth has been RAPED, or RAVAGED by some sort of CANCER. and the cause of that Cancer is our own desire for creature comfort, and lack of contnement with “just being”, as well as our own naivity/ignorance on what a dramatic impact we arer having on our Mother Earth.

so, “take only pictures and leave only footprints” (or bubbles, if you’re a fellow scuba diver. which is another story for another day. i will say i have been SCUBA diving for about 25 years, mostly down in the Florida Keys, and one thing i have witnessed for myself is the decline/death of the Coral Reefs; the most BIO DENSE nad DIVERSE ecosystem on our planet)

whoa, enough gloom and doom. Mother Earth is the physical manifestation of LOVE and BEAUTY. and the “SPIRIT of NATURE; that “will to live” is alive and well in all things. we don’t need to save the Earth. we need to save the humans. the Earth will go on Living and Growing, WITH, or WITH OUT, us.
and, if we don’t get it right, we’ll have another chance, in the next life. But why not try to learn what we need to learn in THIS life, So we might “advance” to the next level?

OK, i don’t know about you, but i feel like getting some Hot Chocolate!


(but i think i’ll have the least impact if i go make it for myself, at home. Abbey won’t be there, but my dog Jewel is allowed to join me, so, that doesn’t sound so bad.):)
Thank you!,
i am SO grateful for all of you.
my love is your love,

-Sunshine AKA Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani

About Dharmamitra Jeffrey Stefani

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  1. Marilyn Stefani

    I l
    thoroughly enjoyed your article. it is a good reminder. thank you. Love your sense of humor!!

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