What Do You DO When You Meet the Buddha On the Road? KILL HIM!


A Zen Proverb/Koan states/Asks: Question: “What do you do when you meet the Buddha, while walking down the road?
Answer: “You kill him!
This, of coarse speaks to the conceptualization of separate being — a separateness, a dichotomy, duality… a mental concept/construct. Or more specifically; to Destroy ALL Concepts; the Buddha is no exception.
In Reality, there is no “Buddha,” “You,” nor road, for that matter.
“Form is only Emptiness, Emptiness is only form.”
But don’t think about it… you’ll only conceptualize more.
_/\_ Namo Dhammaya!The
The Three Jewels are essentially one Jewel: The Dharma/Dhamma.
The Dharma is the Essence, the Truth, The Teaching, The Path, The Way, The Tao.
A Buddha and Sangha are natural and necessary “by-products” of the Dharma. Yet, in may ways, the Dharma is “sunlight,” and the Buddha and Sangha are pure reflections, or natural manifestations of the sunlight on a perfectly still pond. They are the “reflection” of the Essence of the Truth, the Dharma/Dhamma.
~Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani
_/\_ Om Amoghasiddhi Ah Hum, Om Amoghasiddhi Ah Hum, Om Amoghasiddhi Ah Hum….
_/\_ I prostrate to the Manifestation of the Dharma (in this case, my personal sadhana practice,) this is the archetypal incarnation of the Buddhas: Amoghasiddhi.He occupies the Northern Skies, in the Mandala of the Five/ Jinas Buddhas.
His right hand forming the Abhiya Mudra, which symbolized “Fearlessness” and “Unobstructed Success.” He is deep-emerald-green, with a midnight sky behind him. In his left hand, balanced on one of the four points, stands a Double Vajra. (The vajra’s symbolism is more complex, although it should suffice to say that it’s meaning is translated as both “Lightening” and Diamond.) Also noteworthy is that he sits, as most Buddha Rupas (Buddha forms) on a Moon Mat, emerging form a Lotus Blossom, which is carried by two Garudas (large, mythical creatures that have various depictions, although most commonly the body of an eagle, with the torso and head of a man)

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