“Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” is Innate in All of Us…

Cover of "Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind"

Cover of Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” is the classic book of compiled Dharma Talks by Shunryu ‪‎Suzuki‬ Roshi.
The title speaks directly to the Zen Buddhist (or just Dharma, in Japanese foundation) Teaching/Concept known as Shoshin, or Beginner’s Mind, and is elaborated simply and concisely in Suzuki-Roshi‘s expansion (and explanation) of the Book’s title, with the statement/ Dharma Teaching: “In the Beginner’s Mind there are Many Possibilities, In the Expert’s Mind, there are few.”

There’s no such thing a racist child (nor a Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish nor Christian Child, for that matter, but that’s Blog for another day😉 )…The one’s making hateful comments were once as pure and innocent as these children. Racism is a learned, conditioned response to their surroundings– their parents & community. So the solution doesn’t lay in the “Next Generation,” change can only occur in the Here & Now, with education, understanding, & continued fostering of the pure state that still exist within us all (just buried deeper in some, than others.
Those that reacted to the commercial are a very small US population that intentionally seeks to incite conflict.
Just read the comments bellow for other examples. They are a small, but loud, ignorant & delusional group of instigators that this great video is responding to. Often it’s best to just ignore them and thus steal their fire, & spoil their intentions.
But other times, a powerful video like this can skillfully raise the awareness & Consciousness of their aggressive & harmful intentions.
For example; now following this video on YouTube are comments filled with Racist, Inflammatory, Anger-Inciting statements, which are responded to by others arguing (not helpful debating) and expressing more anger from the anti-racists commentators, in attempt to defeat the anger of angry racist. (Which is completely allowing those wishing to spread anger, hatred and intolerance to “win the battle” by producing their intended result…the inciting of anger, hatred and delusion, and the ongoing vicious cycle, which is what led Cheerios to remove all the comments, and ability to add any comments to the original commercial.

Yes, we have Freedom of Speech and Press, in the US, but more importantly is Freedom from Greed, hatred & Delusion (The Three Mental Poisons, or Kleshas,) which is Not in the US Constitution or Bill of Rights, but the Fundamental Teachings of the Buddha, as root cause of All Suffering (Dukkha.)

So, this is simply a video, without any good or bad (In general, Buddhist Dharma uses the terminology of Skillful or Unskillful, not Good or Bad, which are more concepts behind the belief in a “Personal, Creator God, as our Western, Judeo-Christian Society has evolved with this Paradigm and the Linguistics associated with it) Skillful simply means it’s an action that is leading towards Insight, and Unskillful is leading away from Insight or Vipassana (Insight, with an initial capital “I” denoted a specific point along the Path of Spiritual Liberation: “Insight into the True Nature of Reality” and marks the point of Stream-Entry, Experiential Emptiness, Shunyata, Realization of “No-Self” (Anatman in Sanskrit, Anatta in Pali) Which is the Antidote to the Three Mental Poisons, or Kleshas. (I have experienced Insight, which is an Experience that causes the dissolution of the sense of self as a separate entity. Not in an intellectual sense, in a way that cannot be explained in words, only Experienced…like Waking Up from a dream, and Truly Seeing, for the very first time that “this entity” that I call “me” or Ego, of this computer, the video, those people, that sunshine, are, in the most literal sense, not Real.
And THAT is What THIS BLOG is all about.

(Now, I can still say: “I” and “you” and interact in this shared Delusion of a Universe with separateness, Subject and Object Dichotomy, etc. But “I” see it as it is in Absolute Reality, not relative reality. (again, the use of initial capital letters denotes specific meaning in translating Buddhist, or Dharma (or Dhamma) terminology into English. I can still interact and engage with this relative reality, but the difference is that I also see the Absolute Reality. This World, as most of us know it, is very much like dream, or a game…something not Real, but I can still enter the dream, play the game, see the relative reality.

My most ernest wish, as a character in this dream world is to help others Awaken to Experience Insight, too Truly See Reality, for what it is, and continue along the path of Cosmic Evolution.
Practicing the Buddha-Dharma is the Path I was fortunate enough to find, and to learn and progress in “intensive” Meditation, and lastly, I met a friend whom had already Awoken to Reality, Experienced Insight, and was able with hardly any effort, with the aid of the foundation that I had set forth with, or from my Karma, my Intended Actions (Following the Buddha, The Dharma and the Sangha, or the Three Jewels, or Triple Gems of Buddhism) led directly to the arising of this Insight.

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