Semantics in the evolution Buddhist Dharma: Buddhas, Arahants, Bodhisattvas

picture of a wallpainting in a Laotian temple,...

picture of a wallpainting in a Laotian temple, depicting the Bodhisattva Gautama (Buddha-to-be) undertaking extreme ascetic practices before his enlightenment. A god is overseeing his striving, and providing some spiritual protection. The five monks in the background are his future ‘five first disciples’, after Buddha attained Full Enlightenment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Intention is a Forum; to connect in community and communication, open to Anybody & Everybody, about “Spiritual Awakenings,” about Buddhism or more accurately, the Buddha-Dharma, Buddha-Dhamma, Bodhidharma, Bodhidhamma (the list of words and terms that point towards the Experience of “Transcendental Awakenings” in longer that this whole Blog), and are only as relevant as they are Useful, as well as it is the path I followed to get from there, to Being Here Now.

It is about Buddhism, as how one that is Immersed in for so long, so intimately, that it is interwoven  into the material of the Material World (and that is more Literal that Figurative.) About Spiritual Evolution, about Semantics and limitations of writing, the written word, and how effective, ineffective, misleading  and inspiring, how useful.

This format has not proven a very useful means of connecting and conveying. (That’s not to imply that I have not Learned & continue to learn incalculable  lessons, and the process will continue. It is somewhat ironic, and actually quite funny, how I trained to be “Teacher of Buddhism,” with how an Experience (a recognized ‘benchmark’ on the Buddhist Path, has produced Both an Absolute Confident/Faith is the Buddhist Path yet significantly loosened attachment to such Concepts.

I suppose it is similar with other “Religions” where there is often contrast between the how One has an Experience, (a by-product of the experience is an innate gesture of intent, an intent to Share as much as can be shared about how to access the Insight, that is accessible to Everyone) AND how this ‘process’ has been “corrupted” by, or when, someone without the same degree of Insight, then tries to add their own commentary, or have an attachment to concepts, which unintentionally corrupts the “purity” of the original Intention, the original Insight. (With this awareness, I have both an inherent  wish to share the Experience, the understanding that Experience can Not be shared, but “sigh pots” can used to help guide, and Mentor those whom “Walk the Path” and Open-Minded to accept the “right hand” that is being offered as assistance with “Navigating” the Path (which at times appears convoluted.)

But, occasionally I find something, such as this,which began via a Facebook interaction (which for all its strengths & weaknesses, has ben very useful for connecting with people, and taking that connection and putting the intention of this  Blog, into action, directly, interpersonally, and with drastically more quantity & quality. Not that this WordPress format doesn’t have tremendous potential, it’s a matter of intention and audience.

This is the link to a great story; Truly Epic! With the commentary and responses, which I think is very relevant to this Blog, and the intention.

Yes, Yes! Good Points, [Names excluded in this reproduction] Lovely perspectives Precious Friends! Semantics is inherently vague. There is relevance & redundancy in both terms Karmayogi in action & Bodhisattva-in-Action, the Etymology & meaning of both terms have “in action” as fundamental attribute. Yet, these are Infinite-faceted phenomena, infinite-dimensional, names, forms, perspective, realms, intentions, actions, acting-without-acting, etc. Words are words!

As I implied in the posting comment, I don’t know his state of consciousness, or intention, maybe this guy had “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder” which *could* produce the same actions, w/ *way* different intention.
I *do Know* that Perspective is dependent upon “Insight into True Nature of Reality” which is just a phrase, and like all words & terms, point at an *Experience* the Experience, the opening of “Dharma Eye” or whatever paradigm and perspective one uses, or does not use.

Misunderstanding, Wrong-Views, relative perspective, etc these *Effects* of lack of “Insight” & the creation of various Words is the *Cause*!
In the case of Buddhism, the evolution of Mahayana, the “Bodhisattva Ideal” is an effect of misunderstanding words or semantics, & relative perspective, caused by lack of Insight.

• From the direct “Experiential Insight” of Anatman/Anatta renders any view or debate of Arhat/Arahant vs. Bodhisattva obsolete. I was taught this intellectually by one the most world-renowned Buddhist scholars (as well as 30+ year practitioner) & he explained the evolution of linguistics from Pali to Sanskrit and so on, which made perfect sense.

*But, when the Insight arose in “me” of anatta/anatman, Emptiness,then intellectual understanding was obsolete, absurd, & funny. I spent many years trying to understand, conceptually, the assimilation of such concepts in the context of different “schools of Buddhism” & other religious views. It’s a rather analogous to when the Europeans told the Native Americans “This is Our Land!” And the natives could not comprehend that concept. The native perspective is “We belong to the land, the land does not belong to us.” As is analogous of two fleas, arguing over who’s dog it was that lived on.🙂❤

Ultimately, there is no” Real” me, you, Bodhisattva, Buddha, yoga, Rickshaw, Facebook, computer, Mahayana, Theravada, suffering, etc.
Now, it’s perfectly clear, where different, subjective perspectives have influenced the Buddha-Dharma and where Insight is clearly conveyed. The Heart Sutra & the Pali Canon explain this phenomenon clearly, if one has the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Gautama Buddha said: In all my years, I have not uttered a single word as Buddha.” And the Suzuki Roshi put it best: “Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as Enlightened people, only Enlightened Activity.”

So, this is what I know.

•Of coarse, these are just words too😉 _/\_❤  [The End]

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