Emptiness, No-Self, Stream-Entry, Bodhicitta, Mettā-Insight-Prajñā = One

The 3 Refuges/ Triple Gem: the Buddha, the Dhamma, the Sangha for Refuge I go!
Ti-ratana ti-sarana (and just a couple of Precepts, Just posting for no real reason… I have videos of of dong Puja’s,  Guided Meditations.

Dharma Talks, etc, but this Blog has been about my own recording of the process of Integrating and assimilating after the experience of Breaking the first 3 fetters,
The months of bliss, then months of rearranging of “energies” things moving around,  and  (four months without any sleep, or any fatigue, or dark-eyes,

everything changed, but the was the 12-18 months, after the original, or immediate 5-6 months of uninterrupted bliss, which was “tuned upside-down”…
It’;s a very bizarre place to be, so close,  and yet in some ways ‘light-years’ from what it termed mundane versus supra-mundane.
I have written about it extensively, although much I only wrote, and didn’t post or publish in any way.

That’s a juxtaposition,  compared with also , now that one “Sees” with Right-View, it true that the experience absolutely,  radically changes one, and that does not fade, or just ‘blend in’
And if you live you whole life believing what you see, understanding the concept,  understanding it ‘profoundly’ but when it arises, at least I know one experience, fully and directly,  it’s instantaneous,
And one minute you’re a Wave, the next “you” are Gone, and not just Ocean, the clouds and rivers,  and solar flares, the wind and rain,  everything and nothing…
No matter how many time one says it…it’s not true,  there is no Unconditional Love in the conditioned reality,  but what arises ,Insight and Metta,  energy, radiant mind, yet you see how close and how totally off the mark most people are, learnignto speak, like a 2 year old,  and overflowing with one unconditional Love, Wisdom,  Emptiness,  No-Self,  it’s a miracle…but it’s not at all, it’s a perfect symphony of Pratītya-samutpāda!

But what else is seen with the Clear radiant mind,  is other False-Views, these Samskāras, Karma/kamma and vipāka, and intense absorption of mental states,
and the “little” ways that worked and rationalized before, or were unaware of, are keenly aware. I believe it probably overwhelms some, and they do whatever…Shinzen Young was talking about a book, today (on video)

about a photographer that went around,  finding homeless people that are just in the full bliss of Śūnyatā, and the story is fascinating.  Shinzen I had met one of these homeless (and the Not the Anagarika, homeless wanderers, but dudes living under the freeway.) He was as someone’s house,  they had “coffee table book” out, he started to look at the photos, and new exactly what the photographer had done.  He was able to get a phone number for the  Photographer,  the guy answered (he had also mentioned that this book has some reviews from someone, or people quite famous) the artist answers the phoned, and Shinzen tells him why he’s calling, and that he ‘knows’ what his book is about.  The Photographer was surprised and asked ‘sure,  tell me, then?’

The Photographer was floored by  Shinzen’s response; “You are first person, ever, in all the showings with artist and collectors and critics, and many,  many people offering their thoughts,  no one had a clues, and go around the country,  searching for those homeless Ariyan-Sangha members, with the look in their eye, but had Entered the Stream, Stream-Enterers, Stream-Entrants, ‘Stream-Winners’ and sotāpanna,  that “topically” had no idea what had happened to them, other than the;r minds were in extreme suffering,  and just :Cracked”, into Emptiness. (Which is not unlike what happened to me, but I had 20 years of practice, 16 since joining community, living in ‘Ecumenical Buddhist Seminary” as I refer to it (and it really quite fitting,  I learned recently that is a “Buddhist Seminary” int the US. somewhere (one of only 2 universities that offers this Minister (Naropa is not one, I don’t think…now my eyes have had enough Computer Screen… Rev Danny Fisher went to the one… that’s not University of the Pacific, but something similar sounding, in Southern CA.

Well , that was awesome training,  as was the ecumenical part, and seeing what shared by all traditions,  not what’s different.  And it showed the Arisen Bodhicitta is the exact same event as Stream-Entry, and everything else clear The Dharma, Dhamma on Insight is a a whole new breed! Well, I may not publish this, because I am working hard on a book,  and it’s not a “simple spiritual book” or all subjective, but it’s Mythic, and there’s a who;e loot of drugs, sex and more drugs and sex (and rock and roll) and a long time of bad times, and the Dharma,  and what I did was Psychoanalysis, not psychotherapy, but Real Psychoanalysis (5 days/week) and this Bardo I was in, half Enlightened, half not ,which was extra clear withe he half that was (Obviously,  this talk of half being this and that, is figurative) just explaining why is was super intense, and with the Psychoanalysis ,Karma purification, childhood traumas,  conflicting energies,  I went from Bardo,  to thrust into significantly farther on the path (another level of the

The Buddha and His Dhamma

The Buddha and His Dhamma Living in Paradox, Psychoanalysis, Stream-Entry & Arisen Bodhicitta/ Bodhisattva are 2 aspects of One experience. , One Buddhadhamma

, but that’s not the point, not really, butt nat a those axtra powerful times, and line doubles-up on the effort, and strikes while the iron is hot…can have Huge, catalyzing effects!

Namo buddhāya
Namo dhammāya
Namo saṅghāya
Namo nama


Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa
Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa

Buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Dutiyampi buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dutiyampi dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Dutiyampi saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Tatiyampi buddhaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Tatiyampi dhammaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi
Tatiyampi saṅghaṁ saraṇaṁ gacchāmi

Pāṇātipātā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṁ samādiyāmi
Micchādassanā veramaṇī sikkhāpadaṁ samādiyāmi

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