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“I” Am NOT “I Am.” “I” am “No-Self” “I am” the Experience of “Not-I Am”, Not-Two, No-Self, a Stream Entrant & Bodhisattva that is Not An “I” or “Thing”…  it’s Only True Language is Silence…Everything and Nothing, the “via Negativa” method of analysis use by the Buddha is much more useful (All Analogies are inherently inaccurate, some are more useful than others) the method of “defining” by way of “defining” that which ‘It’ is Not” This, which has been pointed out by some great Expressions of the ‘Awakened Consciousness ,the mind in ignorance and attachment, conditioning ,Evolutionary Adaptations, perhaps, it is like a Boarder Collie, that is Hard-wired to Herd Sheep, the mind is wired to organize, to “make-sense” out that which it cannot actually do, it is like a complex algorithm, a computer Operating System, that turns “1’s and 0’s in to Anything and Everything” (Yet what you see on your computer is Not Real, if it was the Tsar of Russia, you would think…or not-so-much thing, in a conscious manner, but your inner “senses” know that “it makes no sense…this is a small ‘box’ or electrical engineered processors, it is simply an ‘Illusion’ OR false OR Imaginary representation of the Last Tsar: “it is not real.” The mind in it’s basic function (not just “Reptilian Brain” but the “Higher Cognitive Functions”) are doing something similar, more than “1’s & 0’s) and infinitely more depth and breadth,” by processing in an intricate, highly organized fashion… but none-the-less, the Tsar is Not Real, (Nor was “the original, actual person,” instead of Binary Coding, it is just  the Five Skandhas / Khandhas in Pāli (literally: ‘five heaps” 1) Form, Corporality, Body, Physical, 2) is “Feeling” which can be bodily or emotional, but really, it’s the stumbles before the mind attaches “meaning” to it, and is of three  kinds: attraction/pleassant, Aversion/Painful, or Neutral/Indifferent, 3) Perception, is the interpretation made by the one, or more of the 6 Sense Organs (Buddhism has Six Senses, nothing like ESP, but in addition to smell, taste, touch, sight, sound, is the sense of the ‘heart/mind’ or ‘mental impressions’ although also includes ‘feeling, in the emotional sense, not the “Feeling Skandha, or #2:  of “I Like, I Don’t Like, I Don’t Care” 4) Mental Formations, or Volitions, the Pāli states there are 50, but as all enumerations are somewhat arbitrary (12 Nidanas could be made into 24, or 6, or 15, but the particulars are the kind of things that vary from School-to-School, and on the Full-Spectrum, with infinite possible enumerations, the significant aspect is the Volitional, some Skillful, some Unskillful, some “lofty” are the “Will/Volition and could be elaborated in for a log time, but this is just an outline) & 5) Consciousness group, is divided in 6-groups, one for each Sense organ…This is the Object of the Mind, the sound, is hear (sensed by the ear, the Hearing Consciousness corresponds to, so when you hear “the Statue of Liberty, the sense translates sonic vibrations into neuronal stimuli, and the brain, the Parietal Lobe, the memory slustor of Neurons ,and in youre mind you see the image of the Statue of Liberty…that Statue, is as Real as the Tsar, which is as Real as Me, and You!


This is what a Ego is created to identify with these 5 factors, constantly changing, flowing streams of dharmas, dhammas (Phenomenon) that coalesce into this “self”….   but in Five Skandhas, A Brain, Consciousness attempting to organize, Configure, Sort and Formulate Stimuli, But for the Organizing Stimuli, a “Point of Reference” is Established, it is Arbitrary and Not-Real, It is what “forms, from Formlessness” and in this “effort” to “Make-Sense” from that Which is One, The ILLUSION is this “Arbitrary”, False, “Point of Reference”, and “Audience for the Illusion” and the “Illusionist” are the Same. This “Benchmark” or “Point of Reference” Projects the “Formations” of Stimuli, onto the Illusion of “other”… The Ego is this Reference Point, and What is “Projected” is the SAME Stimuli, Organized for Interpretation, that which is Unconceivable, so in “Ignorance” and Attachment, The Self and Other Dichotomy is Created…Both Self and Other, are the Same, and the Perception or Conception of Self and Other are 2 Halves of One Illusion…ALL Are Preceded by Ignorance and Attachment,  the 12 Nidanas, the “Tibetan or Buddhist Wheel of Life” are ALL Concepts, and All Inherently Not-True, The “Map is Not the Territory”…Some are More useful than others, and This Analogies, These Concepts , Or THESE words, this “Explanation is Not True…But these are the “Best Illusions, the Truth resonates with This. The Buddha is Purely and Simply (Not a Person) The Most Perfect of All Illusions. (In the true beginning of the “Enlightenment Process” one might imagine that moving closer to Nirvana, the Experience might be life “The differences between this 5 Skandhas, No-Self See the “narrowing of distance” from “this place of Transcendental Insight” (not a Person or a PLace), to that place of Supreme Enlightenment (Again, No Person,  NO Place) It is the “point” at which Vision Clarifies ,and “seeing” What “I” am (No-Self) and “where ‘I’ am” on the Path (No Path…Any/All Concept, that one sets too much meaning, or Reality, in or upon,  the more Useless it is. Handle It Like the Most Precious ofFlowers, Grasp It Tightly, and it is Destroyed, and Useless, Keep Grasping, and it is No longer a “Tool”…it is a “Hinderance”
“I” Do Not Exist…who is typing “I do not exist”? and who is reading it?
“I am” ŚUNYATA, “Emptiness,” “The Primal Void.” I am Everything and I am No-thing. “I” am ”You”, and “You” are “Me”. I am in every aspect of the Universe, and the Universe is in every aspect of me. Quite Literally, There is No “I”… No Independent, Intrinsic, Separate ‘Self’, I am, as you are (but after 20 years of setting up the “fertile conditions”, and years or chipping away and the ossified structure/concept of Me… that “Me” died 2 years ago, the One Real Bodhicitta Arose, the ego vanished, (It Completely Vaporized, no thoughts, no words, no me, no things, no thing, no-thing, nothing, Empty, Empty of Independent “Self” is FULL of Non-Conditioed, this Emptiness is Fully of Everything, ..but, when i say everything, the mind produces a flood of “rings” sounds, ideas, feelings, images, stars and collar systems, big and small, but that is Duality ,that is Something, thus the Negativa, the Nothing, Emptiness, and Clearly (it cannot be conveyed, it can only be experienced directly)…it does not matter if I am the greatest write, it cannot be conveyed, the mind has no “store house” for concept-less experiences.


So, why bother trying? That’s what the clear sense was..do not try, nothing to convey, nothing to add to, or remove from. It is PERFECT! It is Perfect, although, back into a time and dualistic explanation, for several Months, that was the Non-Dual Abiding Consciousness. But Karma-Vipaka, and  events unfolded which made it clear: Insight is Only the Beginning!” The Vision is Here and Now, but so many, many, MANY previous Karmic and conditioning was established, the brain still, although free in many ways, and would not sleep or get tired for about 4 or 5 months (literally, no hyperbole). I then delve into intensive work, and realized “Childhood Traumas” were affecting my actions, I was FAR FROM FREE, Just Intensely Aware. The once Rock Solid Ego, has begun DISSOLUTION,  with Transcendental Insight, I experienced “Emptiness of Absolute Reality, Non-Duality, these 5 Skandhas that = Me. I have been Integrating and Assimilating…learning how talk and what words mean, and Everything and Anything Possible, I don’t Know Anything, other than This Experience, This experience is now…

The continual Now, (Flow, Samadhi, Complete Absorption, in the what may appear as a minute detail, is Exploding with EVERYTHING, with No-thing, Emptiness, the Primal Void is EMPTY OF Self & Other, of Subjective-Objective Dichotomy  and that sums it up! Pure Awareness. PURE-CONSCIOUSNESS!! A “Living Bodhisattva” (which is Not I, not a Person, It is Activity Expressed, a Spontaneous, Effortless, Flowing Activity Absent is a Person, This is the SAME as a Stream-Entrant (Another Way of Describing the Same Event, Activity…The Different Schools of Buddhism are Describing the SAME “Thing” a Non-Thing…No-Self, Now-Dual Awareness, This is the Experience, different “Schools of Buddhism” developed in response to Emphasizing certain Facets of One Diamond! I was Trained in Ecumenical Buddhism, Emphasizing the Unity, Commonality of the Various Schools, Since The Moment I died, and Began This Experience of Egoless-ness Activity, I went Back to the Suttas, Sutras and Tantras, to see what was “Correct” and Now KNOW they are All The Same, in Essence, they Emphasize Aspects of the Experience (Breaking the first Three FETTERS to Enlightenment, Arising of Absolute Bodhicitta, Insight into the True Nature of Reality, Knowledge & Wisdom of Things As They Really Are” All Fit Perfectly, Describe the Experience Perfectly, The Pali Canon, Soto Zen Shunyata, Śūnyartā, Vipassana, Dzogchen, Mahamudra: “Liberation Through Seeing with Naked Awareness,” the Ariya Puggala, The Bhumis…(NOT 10th Bhumi, Not a Non-Returner, Not SATORI (I WILL WILL TALK WITH MORE Chan, Zen, Thien, Kuan Etc (I read the books, I understand the DT Suzuki, Suzuki roshi, When I talk with a Awakened Master, then I can say something (That is Neither Here, Nor there) The Point is THIS IS NOT NIRVANA, NOT NIBANNA, NOT BODHI, Not Extinguishing Attachments, NOT Purification of All Karma, Nor Perfection of Wisdom, Perfect-Vision, Not Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi…VERY FAR FROM,  NOT THE END…The Beginning of The End, Effective Going for Refuge is now REAL Going for Refuge,

[Sorry for the Chaotic State…from the Time this Blog was Started, to six months ago, 3 months ago, 1 month, 3 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, yesterday, earlier Today…NOW (Three Months is more LIVING than I did the 3 years prod. I am engaged with life, 16 hours per day, a least, or pure ,focused, effortless-effort, Action, Skillful Means, So this “About Me, which I do not blog a lot anymore,  I talk, or email those too far way, but this was a way to reach people (I explain why I “came out of the spiritual closet” later in, and elsewhere, but the overwhelming outpour of Skillful Energy, and  (yes, the ego can come and go, sometimes more pronounced, but it is quite literally: “A Shadow of its formal “Self”…Actions Speak Louder than Words, and if it is words, Mostly it with another whole, heal;thy, genuine, honest, openminded/hearted human being, and we connect6 profoundly, and the activity is…I would not be ANYWHERE, or “ANYONE” in Time odr Space, other than Here, Now, “Me”…NoSelf is not an annihilation, it’s Assimilation, Integration, and Synergistic. I am “No-Self” and more of a laughing, loving, personable, interesting, clear ,radiant Heart/Mind….the “personality” of No-Self is far MORE Charismatic, more of a spontaneous, flowing “being” than ten thousand versions of “me” when I was a ME!  It is Not Self-Annihilation, it’s Full-On-Being-All. (period) [This was updated, up tp this point, on oct 15, 1013. I am not updating anymore.  If you want to chat por anything, leave a reply, I am on Twitter @GharmamitraJeff,  and Facebook and Google Plus at Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani

I have been a full-time “Spiritual Seeker” for ≈ 21 years, and found the Buddha-Dharma over 16 years ago, in Missoula, Montana. Since then I spent several years living in semi-monastic community for men working towards Ordination in the Western Buddhist Order/Triratna Buddhist Order, and the supporting communities. I worked for several years in Team-Based Right-Livelihood Businesses, and basically would eat, sleep, drink and study the Dharma and practice meditation; spending a couple of months per year on retreat.
I am more of a meditative yogi than a Dharma Scholar. Although i am a very qualified Buddhist Teacher, my talents in meditative states of absorption is where I really began to see my practice “take-off!”

Almost two years ago, exactly,  I experienced Stream Entry/Stream Winning/Arya Puggala/ Broke the first 3 Fetters to Enlightenment/Experienced Real Insight into the True Nature of Reality/Experienced Emptiness, or Śunyata/Emptiness, Became, quite literally/technically, “a modern-day, living Bodhisattva.” This event is the main impetus behind all of my teachings,  or perhaps it is more accurate to say that the Insight Attained is the impetus behind my Life’s Work, and is discussed at length here-in.  My reasons for sharing this event are to “share the good news” with others,  that Real Awakenings DO, in fact, occur, and you don’t have to be a Monk or Lama, Tulku, Dharma Heir, or Bhikkhu, Bhikshuni, or Zen lineage holder to Live/Experience or Attain (There are 2 Major points marked-off on the Path to Nirvana, One is Attaining Supreme Enlightenment, Nirvana/Nibbana,  and the Other is Stream Entry (The point at which regressing is not possible, the “weight has been shifted” the Tipping-Point, the Critical Mass Achieved and so, with it comes these esoteric experiences,  Transcendental insight, and all of these names and analogies for it. (I LIVED in Spiritual Community for many years,  and dedicated my life to This Path, but on some level,  I never actually believed that:”I” would experience it, and that’s partially because A) “I” Didn’t. B) “I” experienced the state the moment that: “I” ceased to exist.) The Path to Nirvana, that the experience described in the Suttas and Sutras is quite literal,  It IS the Point of No Return, i that,  it is Not like coming off a long retreat where the Experience slowly “wears off.” It alters one’s whole experience,  and does not go away. The concept of a Critical Mass being overcome, of a Tipping Point being achieved is Totally accrete. “I” ceased to exist that day, and although I can still operate in this Dream, or Play this GAME as If it were “real/substantial,” the Truth is that THIS is an Experienced Not to be missed,  and that I was Only able to attain it after finding one who had attained it, and taking pointers from him.

Now I am here to offer pointers to those that seek. Which brings me to the second reason I have “come out of the Bodhisattva Closet” is because of what I learned in 12-step recovery,  that we don’t announce our annual sobriety anniversaries because we want to say: “Hey! Look at how Great I am!” No. The opposite is true, I never liked doing it, but my sponsor told me that I don’t do it for myself, I do it, out of gratitude for the Life I have been given, and mainly: TO SHOW OTHERS/NEWER PEOPLE THAT THIS REALLY DOES WORK!! So,  after Waking Up to Realize that “I” Do Not Exist; “I” did not choose to make this BOLD Move and Statements (it is considered by many to be rather “TABOO” to talk about one’s own Spiritual Attainments, and I have felt that way, and was that way,  and “I” still am THAT WAY.)  But “I” ceased to exist at the end of 2011, and several month later, I realized what had actually occurred,  and that it wasn’t something that was going to fade away,  and that the Best THING “I” can do is Help Other to attain Stream Entry,  because with it,  with the Breaking of the First Three Fetters: 1) A belief in a separate Self, 2) Doubt, or lake of perfect Confidence/Faith, or Shradha ,Saddha in the TRUTH of the Buddha, the Dharma/Dhamma, and the Sangha,  in particular the Arya, Ariya Sangha,  which Stream Entry Marks as the entry point of the Arya , Ariya Sangha (or Community of Exalted Ones/Highest Community;  consisting of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that have ever been, including the Historical Buddha and his Enlightened Disciples,  or Arhats. 3) The loss of Attachments to any Religious Rites or Rituals (which isn’t as obvious,  at first,  as the other two fetters broken,  but it is also what has allowed me to “Come Out of The Spiritual Closet” and Be Free and honest about this experience.)

As I said,  my greatest impetus in doing this is to help those that are on The Path, especially those on the Buddha’s Noble Eight-fold Path,  and have Realized for myself the benefit of attaining Stream Entry with the aid of one that had done so already, I KNOW that the advantages of this are HIUGE (The SAME Reason why the Buddha was able to guide SO MANY to become Arhats, or Enter Nirvana,or Nibbana, or Total Enlightenment AKA Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi – Supreme, unexcelled, perfect and equal enlightenment. The perfect wisdom which comprehends truth that is attained only by a Buddha, in contrast to the different grades of enlightenment attained by Bodhisattvas and Arhats in Sanskrit and Arahants in Pali. So that is why I am here,  to help guide “YOU” in for a “Safe Landing” (Or “Safe Take-off” is probably a better metaphor.)
So feel free to use me like a step ladder; that is what ALL THIS IS ABOUT.  The Other Great Realization that came with Stream Entry was/is the Realization (quite literally) like this: “Oh man! Are you Fricking Kidding Me?!?! THIS…THIS is What “IT” IS?! I’ve been bumping noses with this All-Along!” I couldn’t fathom just how Incredibly “simple” and in some ways: “the MOST Obvious “Thing” in the whole World! It’s been HERE ALL Along! I was SO CLOSE this Whole Time! (And since my “Coming Out or the Stream Entrant Closet” I have met Others who have experienced/continue to experience this reality, and they both said the EXACT Same thing: I Couldn’t Believe how CLOSE this has been the whole time! That’s It?!  YES, THAT IS IT! Simultaneously the Most Profound and the Simplest thing I’ve ever experienced. It sounds pparadocical, and it is. If it doesn’t seem so, then you’re already familiar, or you’re not getting the message at all, most likely. It is Impossible to relate. The Law of Phsycis that govern this world are obsolete, language, Duality, Self-Other, Haves, Have Not…every method of conceptualizing in this Form Realm, or Rupa Kaya, are useless. Silence is the Only Language.  But,  these concepts are not radical, in a sense. Astrophysicist try to trace back to the Big bang, but all law of physics are nullified the closer to the event they try to get (which is close, but at a point, and this is similar, all that rules and regulates this world is nullified.
As the Buddhist story goes, it is like tadpoles asking a frog what life is like on land? Is it this? No. Is it that? No.
The Buddha explained it well. As best as could be, which is what is called “via negativa” I can’t say what it is, but I can can say what it is not.
Any concept is useless, but sometimes analogies and stories can help.

“I” have Experienced that what I call “me” is not Anything Real, but a constant Fluctuation of Impermanent, Flowing Phenomena….
It’s all just Smoke and Mirrors, a illusion to give the appearance of separateness.

I get into details in the blog, explaining as best as possible (which improves with practice) how No-Self can/would write and use innumerable personal pronouns, i.e.I, me, my, we, you, they, etc.
It does seem paradoxical, but, there is various ways to try to explain ,all of which are limited, all of which aren’t truly understood until the reader has had the same Insight.

I also get into explaining why there is no real differnce, not ultimately, between this school, and that school. I have read and studied, practiced Mahamudra, Dzogchen, and Soto Zen, and felt little to no resonance with the Theravada Orders that I had experience with.

After Awakening to No-Self, I have revisited many Suttas, Sutras, and Tantras, and now see clearly how each is desribing th exact same experience, only with various cultural and temporal, semantic variations, and how the old debate of the Arahant, Arhat as “seeking Enlightenment for selfish reasons” as proliferated historically with the view that Mahayana Bodhisattva Ideal is more Noble, for it “for the same of all beings” is ABSURD!

I KNOW that it is literally an impossible incongruity, all that follow the Noble 8-Fold Path, will follow just as the Buddha has outlined, and the Wrong-View, or the Illusion of Self is a natural by-product of the Essence of the Dharma, Dhamma, that leads from Samsara to Bodhi, and as one approaches Bodhi, the arising of Insight makes it impossible to hold the deluded view of separateness, and all who follow, who set the condition, the Law of Pratityasamutpada, Dependent Origination, or Conditioned  Co-production, is Essence of All the Buddha Dharma, it is much like mathematics than any fluffy metaphysics. This arises dependent upon those conditions, cease those conditions, and the this ceases to arise. It is the foundation of karma,  of The Four Noble Truths, it is was  the “epiphany moment” of the Buddha’s  Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi – Supreme Enlightenment.

No matter where in space or time one follows the Path, the law of dependent origination applies, just like math (only a very complex algorithm) 1+1=2, it’s an Absolute, not relative Truth. The same with the path to Awakening, and anyone that arrives at the Insight of Reality, the Transcending self to “No-Self” is also mathematical: 2 ÷ 0 = 0 No-Self, Emptiness, is 0, and applies the same. The reality of No-Self doesn’t just mean that there is no true “me” but also no true You, or computer,  or, anything [insert the body of the Heart Sutra Here] the body of the Heart Sutra  makes perfect sense, the preamble of the great Bodhisattva, Teaching the Buddha’s ‘greatest’ Disciple, was NOT written by the same “person” that wrote the body: Form is emptiness, emptiness is form…. That Wisdom Could Not then flip to a completely Dualistic, egoic perspective and condescend, which is obly possible from a dualistic, self and other belief, which is the Antithesis of what the Heart Sutra conveys perfectly.

I was taught my great Buddhist the history or how and why the schism formed (Basically it has do with linguistic semantics, the Pali language is very different in syntax,  and grammar, and simply was misunderstood by later Buddhist, using Sanskrit, (So often the Pali Canon is translated as “Where in your mind does…” There is no “your” in the Pali, that’s added by translators to help make it understandable, and yet, reinterpreting the Enlightened teaching from the Mundana mind is fairly common, not just in various Buddhist translations,  but the Pali Canon, has been also fairly well established from linguistic historians that things were added and removed. It did take several 100 years to go from the Buddha’s words,  to the Pali Canon. Not that that should discredit all of the Dharma, but it does explain, certainly to me, how different people following the same path formed so many schisms, and also added animosity. THESE attributes are Not the Dharma.  So, how is one to know what is the True Dharma and What is Not?  As the Buddha advised in the Kalama Sutta, not to take the word of others, not to take ANYTHING on ANY sort of Blind Faith.

I certainly cannot convince anyone of anything. But I may be able to help us keep an open mind, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, the options are few fpor the Expert, but many for the beginner, this is the essence of Zen Mind, Beginners Mind.
The second Fetter is “Skeptical Doubt” and once broken, the direct absolute confidence int the Buddha-Dharma is the result. This is one wat of explaining how to be able to read through Buddhist Scriptures and KNOW what is True Dharma,  and What is Not.

So, Don’t take my word for it, practice, use the tools, whatever form of Buddhism feels right,  they all have the 4 Nobel Truths, The Noble 8-Fold Path, Ethics, meditation and wisdom (The 3-Fold Path) as well as various other Spiritual Faculties. Practice like your hair is on fire,  set the conditions for the fruition of Insight, then you will Know.

🙂 😉 Thank You,  TRULY for taking the time to get to know me,  a little. And Always: With MINDFULNESS, STRIVE ON!!


  1. PART 1 Obviously this out of the original, specific context, but the Message of Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma, started as a reply to another blogger…the relevance transcends the specific context. Furthermore, although not within the context of STATEMENT–> Reply—> Statement —> Reply, the essence True Dharma, Dhamma of the context is quite evident {See footnote regarding the terminology…”technical” and Pāli, mrs than Sanskrit.)

    Interesting! I was writing you a reply the comment you left ,and per usual, it’s lengthy,but one of the issues mentioned is Buddhist Leadership, progress that is very recent ,and not actually in effect, which will take…no idea, but the more momentum, and mass a dynamic entity has, the more time it takes to change course. Inertia is considerable. Just as making progress in ethical practice, meditation practice, wisdom development… As with leadership, as with cultures, governments, societies, etc. The older the culture, the deeply ingrained these attribute lay, the longer changes takes to occur.

    Change, and not just the constant variety, but the specific application, it’s afoot in the World, in the East, in the West. Jack Kornfield talks about moderating a meeting of “Buddhist Leaders” from all over the world, in his new book “Transmission: Receiving the Living Wisdom of Spiritual Teachers”
    Utterly profound! Unprecedented insight (with lowercase “i”) from the “Buddhist Leaders” of the modern World, and there’s nothing life it, perspective that, regardless of the previous “inner-faith” and Inter-Faith” world assemblies, this last one…I don’t have the words. (Either did the Dalai Lama, he was blown away, as was everyone, addressing cultural, sexual, and gender issues. Leaders of Theravadin, Mahayana, & Vjajrayana Ethnic Buddhist Countries are looking to Western Buddhist for guidance. That’s not something often heard (although certainly not a new idea from the Western perspective.)

    May ALLl Be Well! 🙏💚🌏 If that doesn’t interest you, then recall the Udāna in the Pāli Canon:

    “Pay no attention to the faults of others, things done or left undone by others. Consider only what by oneself is done or left undone.” ~ The Buddha

    ____________________________________________Part 2 (Obviously this out of the original, specific context, but the Message of Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma, started as a reply to another blogger…the relevance transcends the specific context. Furthermore, although not within the context of STATEMENT–> Reply—> Statement —> Reply, the essence of the context is quite evident {See footnote regarding the terminology…”technical” and Pāli, mrs than Sanskrit.)

    [Sometimes change is immediate, a quantum leap…]
    I hear and understand your point, well stated and received, as to the capacity of “change,” specifically as it relates to, or on the level of “sammā-diṭṭhi,” ≈ “Right” or “Perfect-Vision” (perhaps the translation preferred by some, myself included of “sammā” as used in “sammā-sambodhi” ≈ “Perfect Enlightenment,” more accurate, applicable and befitting of the “Noble, Transcendental 8-Fold Path, a process, more cyclical than linear, starting and ‘ending’ with “sammā-diṭṭhi” “Perfect-View” and “Perfect-Vision”), or “Transcendental Insight”… I have used, and still use, the precisely same terminology; specifically the phenomenon of a “quantum leap” in attempts to relate the affect of “Transcendental Insight” upon which is truly analogous to the phenomena observed within the mechanics of ‘Physics;’ the most commonly familiar example in ‘Chemistry’ the spacial-temporal actions of electrons, from which the term “Quantum Leap” was/is first applied.

    That just may be one, long, and grammatically correct, sentence in attempt to accurately convey the complex nuances of precise language. “Accuracy in narration” is ‘merely’ a step beyond “not lying” in the Broad spectrum of “Perfect Speech.” It gets easier, more natural with practice and application. (I have only two years of experience communicating from/with the experience of “Transcendental Insight” (the first six months of which, no true attempt was made to even attempt communicating) and directly pertains to why blogging is not the preferred method of communicating, as far as my experience has evolved.

    Basically, yeah, I am intimately familiar with “quantum leaps” in change of understanding, view and/or paradigm. That said, the Noble 8-Fold Path is broken in various applications, the one that I am referring to is known as the “Path of Vision and Transformation.” The eight limbs are seen are aspects relating to the often experienced and somewhat confusing phenomenon of “Vision”, which relates to the first Limb of the Path, and only the first. This aspect of “Perfect-Vision” and “Insight” is very much applicable to a “quantum leap” in change.

    However, the remaining seven Limbs of the Path are the “Transformation” aspects, which besides being a common occurrence in ‘Buddhist Practitioners’ as a rather prolonged, argues process, is elaborated upon repeatedly by the Buddha in Pāli Canon, the definitive explanation rests in Insight into the law of “Paticcasamuppāda,” and can be “understood” to lesser, yet more accessible degree from sanskhāras, or the Pāli specifically: “śankhārakkhandha,” a term often misunderstood and difficult to translate (best to read in the context of scripture, (Samyutta Nikāya XXII, 56, 79)
    a form of “Karmic Momentum” as applies to mental formations. “Habit Energy” may not be the best “technical” translation, but might be more useful way of understanding from the Western paradigm.

    Simply put, one can experience the “quantum leap” of change (the Vision element) and still have a lot of karmic fruition and tendencies to Transform, which does take time. That is the nature of this world, a “conditioned existence”…”this occurs because of those conditions”, and though the Insight into the “True Nature of Reality” arises, change is spontaneous and regressing from that Level of Insight is not going to occur,(Insight referring to Stream-Enterer and beyond) once the shift in moment occurs, the Insight “leaps” and stays there, but it can take a long time for the Insight to translate into the cessation of Karmic, Kammic formations (no more than seven lifetimes, according to Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma Cosmology.

    It may sound very ‘out-there’ to many people. I can’t speak on the full depth of Buddhist Cosmology, but I do know the experience of Insight, and the influence of the “forward-pulling” momentum. As stated before, the Skillful Means just naturally flows, unlike before Stream-Entry, and the Going for Refuge, Tisarana, is considered “effective” but now it “Real” and the effects are evident in every moment. The volition, the will to act is not a forced effort. I call it “Effortless-Effort.”

    (Obviously this out of the original, specific context, but the Message of Buddha-Dharma, Buddhadhamma, started as a reply to another blogger…the relevance transcends the specific context. Furthermore, although not within the context of STATEMENT–> Reply—> Statement —> Reply, the essence of the context is quite evident, outside of the specific Q & A. The Essence of “Dharma Teaching” is greater than the Q & A. The Dharma/Dhamma (it is also framed in Pāli, Theravadin, and is thus addressed in the language of recipient. Which is what/how the Buddha advised on Sharing, “teaching” bearing the Truth, the Dhamma (DharmaDhammacaria) in the local dialect, in terminology that is understood, received.(Thus is the reason it’s explained and related directly to the context of the Pāli Canon, & Theravada (Which are Not synonymous, although commonly believed, the Theravadin Tradition is the only remaining School of Buddhism from the “orthodox” period of Buddhist History, but they do not “embrace” all the Pāli Canon, and other Schools “embrace,” utilize, integrate quite a lot of the Pāli Canon. It is, after all, the closest we have to the actual words of the Buddha, his life, his Teachings. Although many later text are framed as though being spoken by the Buddha, are certainly not actually spoken by the Buddha. ***That Does NOT imply that their value is less significant, just not historically accurate. It is well accepted by scholars, linguistic, semantic, syntax, etc analysis that the Pāli was altered in certain parts, manipulated, “Perspective altered” which is understandable given the time it was passed-down orally. **That does not mean that it is “tinted” per se. Linguists have been able to determine what is, what is inconsistent, and that it is likely that much is the actual, or very close to the Buddha’s words. The efficacy of later Dharma Sutras and Tantras, as well as the variations in the Pāli Canon (as well as the Chinese, Korean, etc Canons) is, as always has been, Proven With Practice. The Dharma, Dhamma, Tantra is of a Scientific Method. The results are consistent when repeated by others, in different times and places, (under the Controlled Conditions), Repeat the Same Result. That is the nature and “basic definition” of “The Scientific Method” as well as the Buddha-Dharma.No Scientific of Linguistic Semantics need be feared or contribute to doubt, of any Buddhist. The Essence of the Truth is all contained in the Noble 8-Fold Path, and the Proof is in the results.If something is shown false, the spirit of the Dharma is to KNOW THE TRUTH, not to covet some “sacred” text.”The Message is not the message.” The Message is Path, & the Path is the Message.” That is nature of True Dharma, and the nature is LOVEL…BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Hi Dharmamitra, thanks for the pingback. Your blog is very interesting, tastes like homegrown American Buddhism! Stay in touch, we have a lot to share.

    • Thank you! I read some of yours, the ‘about me’ section, and the one I pinged because I find it interesting to see contrast how they have opposite sounding titles, and yet share some essence. it’s good for people to have flexible minds, and to fins out for themselves though practice and direct experience.

      It’s been a while since I looked at this section, and there’s some things I’d edit.
      My experience with integrating and assimilating and the continued advancement, makes much seem, not inaccurate, but not well articulated, and also rather unrefined.

      I don’t do much blogging anymore on here. It hasn’t worked well for being an interactive platform. And it takes a lot of time to do, (which is fine) but I would spend several hours per week on this, and maybe get a comment of a ‘like’ which is has nothing to do with “popularity” and everything to do with how effectively to reach people and how to interact with those that wish to engage with it.

      (Not to mention my horrible typing skills 🙂 Although I do have “dictation” software, which is great, until I use a Pali of Sanskrit term. (Which is often.)

      The niche I was hoping to reach was not beginners, but more experienced practitioners, and I have met a few here, but as with many things, the downside to more experience is a tendency to get comfortable with what or where one is, and not really feeling the drive to “Find something More.”

      Yes, in many ways I am a homegrown American Buddhist, although I was on my way to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, S/E Asia and Asia Pacific…when I found what I think is much better teacher for me. (Although that did mean going to the UK, so not truly American, but Western.

      Fortunately everything just continued to fall into place, and perhaps not having many visitors to this blog is good, because I made tons of choices that weren’t well done. A lot of sloppy writing, which again is partially typing, but I also get paid to write, so I can do it well if I allocate the time and resources.

      A lot of time did go into it, but, again, the platform just doesn’t match my method.
      (in a fraction of time put into this website, I met ~ 7,000 on “my” FB Page, and that is so much easier to engage with the person.

      Although, I’ve learned that most (a good %90) are from traditional Theravadan Countries, and some are just “ethnic Buddhist” but many have a real passion, and are very proactive.
      Now, I am looking into visas to possibly move over to the Indian sub-continent.

      Sri Lanka is certainly high on the list. One of Dharma Brothers from the UK is living there now, and he’s helpful. There’s, as you mention, a multilayer spectrum of phenomena that is happening, has happened, will continue to happen within “Buddhist Countries” It’s far too complex for this format.

      But I understand what you talk about in your blog bio. As I said, I was ‘on my way’ when a Dharma teacher that i greatly admired, part of the same Buddhist Order as my training, although not the teacher I was referring to…Anyhow, this member of the order and a world-renowned Scholar of Asian and Buddhist studies, who had lived from India to japan and has been practicing 40 years, and regularly continues to spend time in Buddhist Asia, he told me in a very understanding manner that I would probably be far better off staying where I was, living in a “Buddhist Seminary”, than going to India and spending the first several years learning how to be (whichever school of Buddhism I went to, either how to Tibetan (Which was my general destination (well, Exiled Tibet) or Indian, or Japanese, which was my second choice. I had no interest in Theravada, and yet now, it’s not so Therevadan, per se, as much as it is the Pali Canon.

      But, as is another theme to my blog, there is no real difference, there’s just one Buddha-Dharma and each school has its own strengths and weaknesses, but since the arising of Insight, I have met many Theravada Bhikkhus that have completely changed any notion I had held in years past.

      Meeting Jack Kornfield really turned things around, and learning about Ajahn Chah completely blew away any preconceived notions of Theravada.
      Oh, and my friend in Colombo tells my about this one recluse Bhukkhu, doesn’t go by a name, and teleports to and away from the Dhamma Talks he gives. Last time he spoke 3.5 hours w/o pausing for sip of water, or a slip from samadhi. And then just disappears! (Really takes the “Orthodox” vibe right out of any Theravada perspective. I just try to do as the Buddha advised, to communicate the Dharma in whatever the local dialect is, in ways that it is accessible to everyone.
      With Metta & Sati 💚🙏

      • Thanks for nice reply Jeff. It is true that most Theravdins are pretty old-fashioned. We aim to change that by creating contemporary media based on the teaching of the Buddha (you’ll notice I didn’t say ‘Buddhism’). We also want to influence Buddhist leadership to be more progressive and encourage innovation and risk.

        Hmmm. For a monk to demonstrate mystic powers to lay people is a violation of the Vinaya. The Buddha wanted people to study his teaching because they want relief from suffering, not to cultivate power, which usually leads to more egotism. I know several Arahants and they travel in vehicle like everyone else. Guy sounds like a show off. I’d run the other way. Anyway Sri Lanka is perfect for going deep in meditation, come and visit sometime.

        • Oh, I understand, I’m fully aware of the use of supra-human abilities, when, when not to, and why, in the vinaya and nikaya pitikas. I did not say he was “demonstrating.” That’s not the sense I got from the two people I know that have been to his Dhamma Talks in, and around Colombo, SL.

          I cannot say what his intention is. I do her about his teaching, and that is extraordinary. It may well be pragmatic for him to travel. Speculation is an Unskilful Mental State, I only know what I have been told, and I can look at how I described the phenomenon, but there is no aspect of “Demonstrating” as a way of teaching, influencing, enticing, attracting, etc, people the Buddhadhamma, that’s obviously unskilful, anyone with commonsense should understand that. You’re speculating, that is an unskilful mental state. The Intention is what the vinaya addresses, and it is clear from what I know of his Teaching, there’s no unskilful intention, whatsoever.

          Supra-mundane abilities (abhiññā) don’t correlate to degree of Insight, it’s just a faulty that some develop easily, some don’t, it’s not directly correlated.
          By all accounts of his Dhamma teachings, he’s Perfect, No “showing-off” the antithesis, he live as a true anāgārika, homeless, recluse, accomplished meditative yogi, in fact he doesn’t use a name.

          The 3rd Fetter, ‘attachment to Rites & Rituals’ once released, precepts, sects, “labels” even, for lack of better term, don’t apply, there’s “No-One” that uses precepts, 5, 10, 227…Sīla is to help align one’s actions in body, speech & mind with skillful action, Perfect Vision (sammā-ditti), how effective one is as a mechanism of Skillful-Means is directly related to the degree of insight. From the arising of Insight, the nature of ariya-puggala can be explained various, but the point is there is no ‘cognitive process’, no effort in aligning one’s actions with Perfect-Vision, or Skillful Means, it’s THE “natural-byproduct’ of Insight.

          For a Buddhist, one quite useful method of relating to this process, as well as determining one’s Progress on the Path is via the degree of Tirasana, or “the act Going fort Refuge” to the Tiratana, (Triple Gems of Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha.) from the simplest of just Cultural, and Tentative, Effective, Real & Absolute.
          With the “Arising of Insight” “Breaking the first 3 fetters” Tirassana is Real, there’s no thinking about “Should I do this, or that…?” Insight is Seeing Reality as it exist, Absolutely. One’s nature, or one’s means are skillful means.

          Strictly speaking, there are no “people” that are “arahant, or sotāpanna,” in the same way that Gautama Buddha “has not uttered a single word” said the Buddha, after 40 years of teaching. The analogy I find most fitting is the characteristics are energy and matter. I don’t know what you know about sciences, but the physical properties of a photon, a light beam, braves sometimes as a wave ,sometimes as particle, and “Pure Consciousness,” is the same. Buddha-Nature is the same, sotāpanna or sotāpattiphala arahant, Bodhi, all are the same. Enlightened Activity is like being in ‘wave’ “form”, there’s no “Person” in the strict sense, just 5 flowing aggregates, Skandhas, khandhas. But, I low what you are referring to. Although, if you do believe in the Pali Canon, there is no way for to know who’s attained arahantship, buddhahood, stream-entry, except for others of the same attainment. Once stream-entry occurs, the natural intuitive resonance occurs, and just reading, or hearing someone talk, it becomes perfectly clear who’s speaking from the ariya-puggala, and who is not. This is as clear as 1 + 1 = 2.

          The abiññas are right here: from the AN 3.100 (xi-xv) Agnuttara Nikaya
          (The Buddha is addressing the Bhikkhus, obviously, but all is the same layperson or monastic. That’s irrelevant. The emphasis for “going forth” to life of the wandering bhikkhu is to provide conducive conditions for attainment. Any further attachment to name and form, whether it’s the Dhamma, a title, or sex and drugs, ultimately is only a distinction of the mundane mind. The Dharma/Dhamma is a utility, a toll to achieve a result, as the classic example of the Dhamma as a raft…when you get tot other shore, you don’t carry the raft with you. If you have hammer ,you want it in your tool kit/belt, not up on the mantelpiece. One who goes forth is creating conducive conditions to Transcend, not to be venerated. I’m not saying those worthy of veneration shouldn’t be recognized as such, as log as it’s useful. That’s one of the elements of the Theravada countries that is a hinderance to Bodhi, both the “cultural/ethnic Buddhist layperson, and the monastics. The same trappings are true in Tibetan Buddhism, all the cultural Buddhist countries, regardless of Theravadin, Mahayana, Vajrayana.

          Jack cornfield has a new book where he meeting with “Buddhist Leaders” from all over the world, hosted by the Dalai Lama, but Jack was the moderator. It’s profound, to put it lightly. Western Buddhism doesn’t have the same trappings, and is a model that Buddhist Leaders fro all the ethnic Buddhist countries are realizing. I find particularly interesting because it’s a perspective I’ve understood for 20 years, but to hear it from Tulkus, Rinpoches, Roshis, Oshos, to Bhantes, Urgyens, Most Venerable and the like. Jack Kornfield is, well ,I don’t know how well you know his story, his depth of night, but he’s also uniquely qualified to understand the development of the Dhamma is the West. But that’s another story…) May you know success and freedom, and know the causes of success in Awkaening, the causes of freedom from suffering 🙏💚😊🌏🌀

          Again: AN 3.100 (xi-xv) Agnuttara Nikaya
          “In the same way, a monk intent on heightened mind should attend periodically to three themes: he should attend periodically to the theme of concentration; he should attend periodically to the theme of uplifted energy; he should attend periodically to the theme of equanimity. If the monk intent on heightened mind were to attend solely to the theme of concentration, it is possible that his mind would tend to laziness. If he were to attend solely to the theme of uplifted energy, it is possible that his mind would tend to restlessness. If he were to attend solely to the theme of equanimity, it is possible that his mind would not be rightly centered for the stopping of the fermentations. But when he attends periodically to the theme of concentration, attends periodically to the theme of uplifted energy, attends periodically to the theme of equanimity, his mind is pliant, malleable, luminous, and not brittle. It is rightly centered for the stopping of the fermentations.

          “And then whichever of the higher knowledges he turns his mind to know & realize, he can witness them for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, he wields manifold supranormal powers. Having been one he becomes many; having been many he becomes one. He appears. He vanishes. He goes unimpeded through walls, ramparts, and mountains as if through space. He dives in and out of the earth as if it were water. He walks on water without sinking as if it were dry land. Sitting crosslegged he flies through the air like a winged bird. With his hand he touches and strokes even the sun and moon, so mighty and powerful. He exercises influence with his body even as far as the Brahma worlds. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, he hears — by means of the divine ear-element, purified and surpassing the human — both kinds of sounds: divine and human, whether near or far. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, he knows the awareness of other beings, other individuals, having encompassed it with his own awareness. He discerns a mind with passion as a mind with passion, and a mind without passion as a mind without passion. He discerns a mind with aversion as a mind with aversion, and a mind without aversion as a mind without aversion. He discerns a mind with delusion as a mind with delusion, and a mind without delusion as a mind without delusion. He discerns a restricted mind as a restricted mind, and a scattered mind as a scattered mind. He discerns an enlarged mind as an enlarged mind, and an unenlarged mind as an unenlarged mind. He discerns an excelled mind [one that is not at the most excellent level] as an excelled mind, and an unexcelled mind as an unexcelled mind. He discerns a concentrated mind as a concentrated mind, and an unconcentrated mind as an unconcentrated mind. He discerns a released mind as a released mind, and an unreleased mind as an unreleased mind. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, he recollects his manifold past lives (lit: previous homes), i.e., one birth, two births, three births, four, five, ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, one hundred, one thousand, one hundred thousand, many aeons of cosmic contraction, many aeons of cosmic expansion, many aeons of cosmic contraction and expansion, [recollecting], ‘There I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure and pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I re-arose there. There too I had such a name, belonged to such a clan, had such an appearance. Such was my food, such my experience of pleasure and pain, such the end of my life. Passing away from that state, I re-arose here.’ Thus he remembers his manifold past lives in their modes and details. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, he sees — by means of the divine eye, purified and surpassing the human — beings passing away and re-appearing, and he discerns how they are inferior and superior, beautiful and ugly, fortunate and unfortunate in accordance with their kamma: ‘These beings — who were endowed with bad conduct of body, speech, and mind, who reviled the noble ones, held wrong views and undertook actions under the influence of wrong views — with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in the plane of deprivation, the bad destination, the lower realms, in hell. But these beings — who were endowed with good conduct of body, speech, and mind, who did not revile the noble ones, who held right views and undertook actions under the influence of right views — with the break-up of the body, after death, have re-appeared in the good destinations, in the heavenly world.’ Thus — by means of the divine eye, purified and surpassing the human — he sees beings passing away and re-appearing, and he discerns how they are inferior and superior, beautiful and ugly, fortunate and unfortunate in accordance with their kamma. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.

          “If he wants, then through the ending of the mental fermentations, he remains in the fermentation-free awareness-release and discernment-release, having known and made them manifest for himself right in the here and now. He can witness this for himself whenever there is an opening.”

  3. Just wanted to say well said. My path is slightly different, but the same. Dzogchen is the tradition I practice, which is the Tibetan wisdom teaching predating Eckhardt Tolle’s modern introduction of the non-dual “as it is” teachings, but so similar as to be sister practices at the very least. 1997 was a big year for me too – marked by tragedy followed by the complete exorcism of theism, liberation and the first step onto the path of discovery of things just as they are. Potential (energy) as the context from which all arisings (subject, object, interaction) manifest is my translation of the luminous void, shunyata. the womb of emptiness if that helps connect the dots.

    • Nice to hear from you!
      I practice Dzogchen, too. Liberation Through Seeing with Naked Awareness ” is one of my all-time favorite Dharma Tantras, and by far the Terma Text with which I resonate the most. My Seated Meditation is often a Dzogchen Pure Awareness practice, I’ve been doing for a long time. I’ve followed an ecumenical Buddhist Path, heavily influenced by 7 Tibetan Lamas, none of whom are still alive, all of whom my teacher was a student of,back in the late 40s, 50s and 60s.
      I said that Ugryen Sangharakshita and Eckhart Tolle are my two LIVING, most influential Teachers, but I have many Teachers.
      Upon breaking the first 3 Fetters, ad Entering the Stream, a was freed from attachment to any Rites or Rituals. Now it is a different life than when I was absorbed into a particular School of Buddhism. After all, there really is no “Buddhism,” just the Buddha-Dharma, and then its various adaptations as it entered new cultures at different times. The Dharma is The Dharma, and there’s infinite (AKA 84,000) Dharma Doors.
      I Go for Refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, just as other Buddhist do, and I could say that I go for refuge to the Dharma, of which Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arahants, Tulkus, Zen roshis, etc are by-products of the Dharma. (One thing about this list of Buddhas to Zen roshis, is the Tulkus and Zen Masters are people, and Buddhas, Arahants, Syteam-Enterers, Bodhisattvas of the higher Bhumis, in the strictess sense, these are not actual people. It’s intricate to explain, and paradoxical, but simply put, at certain point Insight arises, and there is no more person who becomes Enlightened or Arahant, or 10th Bhumi Bodhisattva, etc. Two Truths that you may not agree with, I certainly would not have ,could not have understood without experiencing it, but first, there is no actual difference of the Awakening, whatever School of Buddhism on practices, and perceives the difference between “The Bodhisattva Ideal” of Mahayana and Vajrayana, and the stages of Theravada, Stream Entry, to Arahant. I get into to specifics in this blog, how a great, world-renowned Buddhist (practitioner for 40+ years) but also an Academic on par with Stephen Batchelor, Robert Thurman, Reginald Ray, etc.
      BUT, that was interesting intellectually and made sense intuitively. I now KNOW, not a belief or perspective, Experiential Wisdom, that the divisions of Buddhism occurred because of linguistic semantics, egos among the various schools, Monastic Orders, personal preferences, etc, but not by Transcendental Wisdom. I use a lot of Pali Canon terminology, I also use Mahayana Sanskrit, and some Vajrayana Tibetan terms.
      Before Insight, I did not like Theravadan Buddhism, (sounds very funny hear me say now)But I felt they were missing the spirit of the True Dharma, that they were just outdated Orthodox, with asinine rules about not swimming, or dancing, etc. The Vinaya Pitika?!?! HOW ABSURD! And that may be the case in many Theravadan Orders. But after my awakening, Jack Kornfield, who was a Thai Forest Tradition under Ajahn Chah, and I learned about the actual people (not all, just some that I met) helped me to see things in a whole new light. Ajahn Chah, I can only guess, but I have reasons to suspect that he guided more people to Bodhi, than just about anyone imaginable. (And quickly! So, if Dzogchen is the Direct Path to Enlightenment, well, I know it works, but I know Ajahn Chah said that if you’re practicing in the Thai Forest Tradition, and Don’t gain Stream-Entry in six months, to a year, you’re probably doing something wrong.”

      Vajrayana uses different terminology, but, I know that a Bodhisattva of significant level of Bhumis is the same experience.
      All schools are offsprings of Buddha Shakyamuni, and all are alliterations of the Path to Nirvana. The formation and separation of schools was not the result of those that “attained” Enlightenment, nor those that realized the Right-View of Anatman, Anatta, it is contradictory to the reality of No-Self to form differentiations of “selves”.

      As i said, I’ve practiced several styles, Mahamudra, Dzogchen included, (It was a “Dzogchen” practice, the “Liberation the Seeing with Naked Awareness” and I was doing Tibetan Lung Yoga, Amoghasiddhi Sadhana, leading up to the Insight. (This Dzogchen practice is virtually identical to Shikantaza, Zen style of “Just Sitting” although I was not sitting 🙂 One of the most common stereotypes that is not true is that to attain the exalted states of meditation, one must be in seated practice. It may help, it ABSOLUTELY helps when learning meditation, but it’s very simple to mow the lawn in full Samadhi, and 1st Dhyana.

      Anyhow, what I know now, is that after Insight, I have read key scriptures from all the major schools of Buddhism, and what once appeared to be differences, Dharmakaya Awareness shows how these seemingly different scriptures, are all describing the exact same experience, just with variation of style, emphasis, influence, etc. This may be challenging to hear, and what i say is just words, which can be utilized Skillfully, or laughed-off as nonsense. Ultimately, neither one truly matters, relatively, it could matter a great deal, as Suzuki-roshi says: In the experts mind there are few possibilities, but in the beginners mind the possibilities and many.” Open-mindedness, Neuroplasticity, Zen Mind, beginner’s Mind…all the same.
      Well , I have taken on too broad areas that are covered much more fully in the this blog, and are certainly controversial, to some, or many, more likely. There Ultimately is just One Bodhi ,One Awakening, The stages leading towards it are the same, with different emphasis, and cultural aspects of Tibet, China, Japan, Burma, Thailand, India, all have variations, but those are not Buddhism, those are cultural nuances. And 2) the Bodhisattva ideal is very helpful to break through to Insight, by practices that help facilitate the dissolution of the Illusion of Separateness, BUT there is No difference in the actual experience, whether you call it makes no difference, the View that “this is a greater vehicle, that lesser vehicle is striving for enlightenment for selfish reasons” is utterly absurd! No one that has the wisdom, the realization of No-Self, renders any concept or notion of “selfish attainment” or “for the sake of others” as completely nullified, totally incongruous. I know that “you” and “I” don’t truly exist. But this Rupakaya, the real of form, although not actually Real, is none-the-less a manifestation in which One, appears as many, and where one illusion can interact and help all the various illusions realize their nature, and all the various can awaken to one (which is already Reality) but karma-vipaka is still playing itself out.
      So, I got interrupted and forgot where I was. I tried to explain that from the Dharmadhatu, just as it is”praised by Nagarjuna, just as his ext reads, describes the same experience in the Pali Canon, just different styles and semantics. (Also, Theravada is Not the same as the Pali Canon, they are simply the only remaining school of early Buddhism, Theravada traditions do Not Embrace the whole Pali Canon, most disregard the Abhidharma, 1/3 of the Tipitika.

      So, the embodiment that is typing now (“me”) and the embodiment, or better, that of Gautama Buddha, was not technically “the Buddha”, as the Buddha said “In all the years of teaching the Dhamma, the Buddha has not uttered a single word.”
      Seems paradoxical, intellectually, but makes perfect sense, ultimately. Bodhi is No-Self, No-Self is Non-Duality, there is Only Emptiness, Only silence, no you, me, Buddha, Dharma, Tibet, computer or galaxy. Nothing about it can be conceptualized. It is ineffable, The Dharmakaya can’t be conceptualized from the perspective of rupakaya.
      As Suzuko-roshi said (the best and most concise way to say what I’ve rambled on about for a while is this:
      “Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as an Enlightened Person, Only Enlightened Activity.”
      There, that explains it all.

      So That’s a little more to the story.
      I look forward to learning more about you, and your blog.
      I am grateful for your visit and comments 🙏🙏🙏

  4. You’re funny. 🙂 Sending you a gentle virtual hug and extra MEGA waves of Love energy! ^_^

  5. Whew! That was like the ultimate, baconator combo meal super-sized…a lot to digest. My favorite part is your description of what’s inside your mind and heart…it’s like a perfect, beautiful balance of how to be the ALL of you. Thank you Jeff for sharing your story, your beliefs, your passions, and your inspirations. I love how open-minded you are, and that you have a BIG heart and a GREAT sense of humor! Sending you virtual hugs. ^_^

  6. Wow, Jeff, you covered a lot here. I love the combination of 12 step and Dharma with a little tantric mixed in. I look forward to walking the Path with you. Please feel free to trip me up when I stray.

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