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Here are Some the benefits of meditation. Note that there are many more medical, physical, emotional, individual, and MOST of ALL Spiritual al benefits you may experience too.

The benefits of meditation are endless. Why not give it a try today.

Meditation brings many benefits to the meditator. To give you a better understanding of meditation perhaps you would like to know where the word originated from. Meditation has a connection to the word medicine; essentially both come from the same root. Medicine refers to that which heals the body and Meditation refers to that which heals your spirit, mind and inner world.

I recommend starting simple,  and starting with where you are,  Some “cannot” sit still; thus I teach Walking,  or even Running Meditations. Some want to dip their tow in, thus some Mantra recitation is like running a brush through messy hair; with gentle, slow,  repetition,  staying focused on the act at hand, the hair begins to transform, from tangled, to smooth, long and neat; just as One’s Thoughts do with the recitation of Mantras.

There are a variety of meditation techniques to choose from but remember to have a playful approach to meditation and keep it simple.

However,  the more diligent you are, the greater,  and more bountiful the fruition of your efforts.

I can teach ANYONE, ANYWHERE,  how to meditated and improve their Quality of Life–from feeling calmer, Lighter,  more “Yourself”,  to complete Transcendental Insight into the Nature of Reality, thus Awakening,  Satori,  Stream Entry, Bodhisattvahood.Image

Here are Some the benefits of meditation. Note that there are many more medical, physical, emotional, individual, and MOST of ALL Spiritual al benefits you may experience too.

A Sense of Calmness – When you meditate you move into that space of stillness within. This leaves your mind and body in a calm state of relaxation.

Presence – Meditation brings your awareness completely into the present moment, where you no longer worry about the future nor dwell on the past, you are simply connected to the here and now.

Enlightenment – Meditation has always been the tool used for thousands of years to bring you to the point of enlightenment. The inner stillness and aware presence that comes from meditation, brings about a self realisation. A feeling of oneness with the universe.

Peace of Mind – When the mind chatter is allowed to dissolve your mind is left in silence, where it can relax.

Inner Peace – Like peace of mind, inner peace comes from dissolving the inner turmoil of the mind and being total in this moment. Both of which come from meditation.

Energy – When there is no more excessive thinking patterns to drain your energy, you will have a source of energy which you didn’t even realise was there.

Creativity – When you are completely open to the present moment and have a source of energy, creativity is bound to flow into whatever it is you are doing.

Love – Meditation has a way of revealing the boundaries, conditions and worthiness people place on their love. With these boundaries removed you are left free to love anything that enters into your life. And when you first give your love to whatever comes your way, then love is bound to be reflected your way. Give and you shall receive. Try a little experiment where you will understand that saying… Try giving a smile to the nearest person to you, more than likely you will see a smile come right back at you.

Intelligence – Meditation gives you the ability to respond. Note that I didn’t say react. An example of reacting is when a child says to another child “you look funny” the reaction usually is “no, you look funny”. It’s a sudden reaction which is used to place blame on the other or to reflect back to the other. Reactions are what cause a lot of conflict and hate in the world. Responding is deeper and less childish. Responding is when you take a moment to think clearly and when you can think clearly you will almost always respond more intelligently.

Understanding – Meditation reveals the illusions, conditions and boundaries we place on ourself and others. By dissolving these boundaries you are free to realise your true potential as a human being, and the mysteries of life will no longer seem impossible to understand.

The Want to Share This With Others – These immense benefits of meditation are so amazing that you will feel an inner urge to share this feeling with others. When you are peaceful and filled with joy, usually that has a way of rubbing off on other people. So you not only benefit yourself, but also those around you.

NOTE: You may wish to read the “TAGS” of this posting to see a longer list of Positive, potential Attributes of a prolonged Meditation Practice i.e. ESP, Telepathy, clairvoyance, Enlightenment, Nirvana, Wisdom , Insight, Intuition


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