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Welcome Home

Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani’s Video Blog November 2012 Welcome Home! [ALL!) 🌍 🙏 🌈 ♻ ☯ ∞ 🌀 ♀  😄 ♂ ♻ 💖 👍 😜 🌻 🐬

I will be posting my video blogs here,  in the future,  although all of the current ones are on the Home page,  which sculls Infinitely (or say its labeled) but it is already a long journey of a scroll to the bottom/beginning. So I am working on how to make it more user friendly.

I am always open to feedback and suggestions.  This is a Spiritual Mentoring Blog, and the material is mostly consistent with that mission statement.  (Mission statement is written as the  HEADER of each Page. It is aimed to be of service.  I have a lot to offer,  and you can find out for yourself if it’s anything you wish.  I have the credentials and experience as a Buddhist and Meditation teacher with 21 years practice and 15 years of teaching. But none of that is really the point. The point is that the practice lead to an Awakening,  and it is from that place which O share and mentor from.
Blessings,  and don’t be a stranger,  or hesitate to ask ANYTHING.

_/|\_ Dharmamitra Jeff Stefani

  1. Let the journey begin! 😀 I love that you’re so real, so down-to-earth, in your expressions Jeff. You just say it like it is.

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